The Walking Dead E601 (The Wolf Among Us)

The Walking Dead E601 (The Wolf Among Us)

It’s certainly fitting that the title of this episode is “First Time Again” considering this is the first time I’ve written an article in what feels like forever. The Walking Dead was the first show to inspire me to write but watching this episode felt more like a chore than anything. It was a good introduction but other than the spectacle of seeing a shit ton of walkers on screen – I was pretty bored for the most part. But let’s be honest – nothing can come close to Carol’s liberation of Terminus in the season five premiere No Sanctuary.

I enjoy watching these characters grow and change throughout the seasons, but I don’t plan on watching this group migrate from community to community for the next ten fucking years. So it would be nice to know that there was some semblance of an endgame in sight. However, there were some highlights in this episode that were good enough to keep me interested for what’s to come but I can’t help but think Fear The Walking Dead may be the better zombie show.

Call me crazy but the idea of watching the world fall apart sounds more compelling than watching the world piece itself back together again. 


The presentation of this episode was unique – jumping between past and present to juxtapose the events going on in and around Alexandria while using greyscale to represent the past. Rick is literally running shit while Deanna is basically good for nothing at this point. Her death will probably come swift and fast if we’re lucky. The best characters were easily Michonne, Morgan and Carol while others failed to impress. Morgan’s introduction into the group was one of the best decisions the writer’s could’ve made. His personality contrasts so well with not only Rick but other members of the group, too. The fact that him and Rick have completely switched philosophies in terms of how they perceive the world should provide the groundwork for a complex and powerful partnership.  Plus, Morgan is basically a ninja with his staff so he’s a benefit to any group he’s associated with.

The main plot of the episode revolved around the preparation and execution of a plan to herd the hundreds of walkers headed towards Alexandria in a different direction. We all knew there was no way this shit would go according to planned so I was especially delighted to hear the sound of a horn hellbent on fucking things up. Whoever the asshole is that’s responsible for this is okay in my book. We can assume it’s the group of crazies that Morgan encountered in Conquer or some other unknown faction. If this means less talk about protecting Alexandria and more of actually doing so then I’m all for it. With certain key characters still behind, episode two should provide the perfect opportunity to give survivors like Maggie and Carol some well deserved time in the spotlight.


I wasn’t a fan of the pacing of this episode but I did find the ending to be climactic. However, the sooner the show makes this season’s primary antagonists known – the more interested I’ll be in the story.

  • There was a new guy who literally bitched the entire episode. He’s dead now and served no purpose whatsoever.
  • Tara is awake but unfortunately she’ll probably be dead by the end of the first half of this season.
  • New characters were introduced but the only one that stood out was Heath and his hair.