The Walking Dead E516 (Wolves Not Far)

The Walking Dead E516 (Wolves Not Far)


“Come at me, bro” – Carol

This has easily been the best season of The Walking Dead and the first time (in a long time) that she show had a finale that didn’t piss me off. While this wasn’t the best episode of the season, it was still one of the series best finales since the escape from Hershel’s farm in season two.

It’s been a while since I’ve written over this show and a lot has happened since Tyreese’s death in episode nine. Here’s a summary of all the important shit that lead to “Conquer”:

  • Sasha has been dealing with PTSD in a hard way. For better or worse she’s become a liability of sorts and has spent the second half of the season hunting walkers and growing increasingly hostile. While her sanity has come into question, her sharpshooting skills have only improved – making her a deadly if not vital part of the groups survival.
  • We’re introduced to a new character named Aaron who has become Daryl’s right hand man. His primary goal is to bring survivors back to the safe haven of Alexandria (led by a politician named Deanna).
  • The group are eventually granted entrance into the town and quickly find themselves in key leadership positions.
  • Noah was killed during a mission, proving that he wasn’t useless after all. His death was extremely brutal and could have been avoided if the residents of Alexandria weren’t stupid fucking idiots. So thanks, Nicholas.
  • Tara was injured as well but her injury provided Eugene with the chance to prove that he has some strength after all. He faced his fears and got his friend to safety and thank God because the last thing we need is for Tara to die. There’s still more to her character and it would be a shame to kill her off so soon.
  • Rick finds himself caught in the middle of a domestic dispute that literally brings out his inner Shane. When it’s revealed that Jessie is being abused by her husband, Pete, the only logical answer of course is to kill the guy. Because being diplomatic is not an option according to Carol. It seems that this storyline was extremely rushed for the sake of adding some unnecessary soap opera-level drama back to the show. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we are all long past the days of dealing with the martial woes of people on this show and would much rather focus on the issue of surviving. 
  • Carol does have another one of her epic moments when she threatens Pete to take care of Tara if he doesn’t want his throat slit. She even eloquently tells him to “come at me” in one of the funniest moments in the show’s history. Queen Carol is here to slay, ladies and gentlemen


This episode begins with Morgan sitting near a camp and being confronted by a dude who looked as if he could really use a fucking nap. He started talking about Indians and wolves and a lot of other bullshit that went through one ear and out the other. The only thing I could think about was the fact that Morgan was most likely about to get his head blown off – mainly because this show is just as ruthless as Game of Thrones when it comes to killing off characters.

Fortunately, during his time away – Morgan has been training with a martial arts master because I don’t’ remember him having any of these Crouching Tiger moves when we first met him. He even has his own staff now because’s he’s all enlightened and shit. He’s literally like the Black Zombie Slaying Buddha and it’s an interesting change for his character.


While out searching for potential survivors to bring back to Alexandria, Daryl and Aaron start tracking a mysterious man in a red poncho. They eventually find themselves at an abandoned factory infested with traps full of walkers, causing the duo to find refuge in a nearby car. But not before Daryl pulled off some of the best kills we’ve seen so far on this show using only a chain.


After having a somewhat heartfelt talk, Daryl and Aaron escape the car only to be rescued by Morgan. He rejects the offer to return to Alexandria but mentions he’s lost and pulls out the same map that Abraham left to Rick. Recognizing this, Daryl realizes that Morgan’s place is with the group and brings him back to the town.


After Rick decided to lose his fucking mind and give the people of Alexandria multiple reasons to give his crazy ass the boot – Michonne has to step in and knock her friend out for his own good. The things he said were right and while the people would certainly benefit from his leadership – his delivery was wrong on so many levels. I’m glad that the writers found a way to give Michonne purpose again because she seemed to be fading into the background for most of the season. She spent too much time trying to help Sasha when Maggie is the only one who could understand her pain. The decision to put Michonne in a leadership position on par with Rick was smart and demonstrates that he doesn’t have to carry the weight of the decision making all on his shoulders anymore. They’ve been a team but as long as Rick and Carol see themselves as the judge and jury then there will always be mistrust in the ranks.


The episode reached it’s climax right at the very end when during another one of Rick’s bloody-faced speeches – Pete comes out of nowhere wielding Michonne’s sword and ready to fuck some shit up. Like an idiot, Deanna’s husband (I can’t remember his name but I’m not sure it really matters) runs up to Pete in hopes of using his neck as a shield. He succeeds in his mission and dies a bloody death. Which prompts Deanna to give Rick confirmation to execute her husbands murderer. Ending the season on somewhat of a high note when Morgan appears next to Daryl and Aaron.

  • I think it’s poignant that Maggie would be the one to finally calm Sasha down. She understands the hurt and pain of losing a sibling. However, the writers should’ve had Maggie take Sasha’s gun and blast a hole in Gabriel’s skull. I think that would’ve been a more fitting ending to his storyline as opposed to watching them all hold hands in a circle.
  • Glenn and Nicholas had cat fight that lasted for hours apparently. Pretty fucking lame that neither one of them ended up dying.