The Walking Dead E509 (Dead Reckoning)

The Walking Dead E509 (Dead Reckoning)


Typically when a major character dies, we’re given a three to four episode grace period to recuperate in preparation for the next death. The writers decided to fuck us just a little bit harder by not only killing another major character during The Walking Dead’s midseason premiere, but making his death carry far more weight (pun slightly intended) than Beth’s ever could. Mainly because it seemed as if Tyreese still had a chance.


I’m not sure how long Noah is going to be sticking around but lets hope he gets the boot sooner than later. I understand that his character needs to be developed but for now he’s just the kid who causes nothing but problems and we already have one Carl.

Noah convinces the group to follow him back to his hometown in hopes of finding his mother and two twin brothers. This wouldn’t be TWD if he miraculously found his family alive and well, so none of us were surprised in the least to find out the town had been fucked to pure hell. There’s no point in wasting any energy trying to figure out who is responsible for what went on here because we’ll more than likely find out in the weeks to come.

Michonne, Glenn and Rick

At this point everyone is on the verge of giving literally zero fucks at all. Michonne and Glenn are more emotional than usual, while Rick’s beard is engulfing his entire face which only adds to his trademark stoicism. He’s managed to become an empathetic leader without losing the respect of his peers. This is shown when he notices that arguably his strongest ally – Michonne – is starting to show more emotion than usual, leading him to restore her faith by agreeing to continue to Washington regardless of Eugene’s not so surprising lie.

Noah & Tyreese 

I’ve never had a problem with Tyreese other than the fact that he rarely put his strength to use; and for a guy so big and presumably strong, he was pretty fucking weak in most situations dealing with anything zombie-related. I don’t fault him for wanting to hold on to his humanity when it came to killing other people. In fact it was one of the things I argued in defense of Andrea back in season three. However, she had no problem killing walkers at all. In fact, I’m pretty sure she enjoyed it. Her biggest flaw was being a horrible judge of character but Tyreese was just weak. Maybe he wasn’t ready to take a human life and that’s fine, but at this point the guy should’ve developed some sort of situational awareness. I get it – you got lost in the moment looking at photos – but surely you heard the zombie child breathing like a fucking demon behind you, right? That should have been enough to snap your dumb ass out of whatever trance had you so preoccupied that you lost sight of the main goal: surviving.

After getting bit by two different zombies in the same arm, Tyreese continues to have visions of dead characters that played a role in his arc over the years. Characters like Mika and Lizzie, The Governor, Bob, That One Dude From Terminus and Beth – although I’m not really sure why she was there except to provide background music. She’s also a pretty reckless driver in the afterlife; starring back at Tyreese when her eyes should have been on the fucking road. She sings a song about a  “struggling man” who needs to move on and it’s all extremely uncomfortable.


The episode really kicks into gear once Noah manages to reach Rick’s group – or to be more specific, when Rick’s squad hears Noah screaming like a little bitch – allowing Michonne to amputate Tyreese’s arm with her sword soon after. It was all for nothing because he eventually dies but it gave me all sorts of feels so I can’t complain. This was another solid entry into a season that’s been pretty damn good and I’m not sure I’m mentally prepared for what’s to come.