The Walking Dead E508 (Kill Confirmed)

The Walking Dead E508 (Kill Confirmed)

Well that was tragic as fuck – but good riddance if you’re too dumb to stab someone in the throat and not their bullet proof vest.

Rick begins the episode chasing down the asshole who knocked Sasha unconscious last week. After casually breaking the guys back with his car, the former officer puts a bullet in Bob 2.0’s head after he realizes he has more important stuff and thangs to do like rescue Beth.

Back at the church, Gabriel is making stupid decisions and placing everyone in danger. So things are pretty normal. Luckily Michonne hasn’t had a damn thing to do all season but if she was going to go HAM on the walkers she could’ve at least let Carl hold on to Judith. I’m pretty sure that baby has whiplash now but no big deal. It doesn’t take long before Abraham shows up proving that he’s not worthless after all.

The Trade

Dawn and Rick share a lot of similarities. They both were cops before the apocalypse, both murdered their partners and both found themselves in strong leadership positions. Rick is more comfortable in his position because he not only has the love of his comrades but also their respect. Dawn believes that respect is all you need and thus she desperately clings to her ward because he or she is the only person she thinks she can trust. So she uses manipulation to her advantage which Beth called her out on (like a badass).


After the trade is finalized, Dawn decides that she needs to make an example as to further instill fear in her subordinates by demanding that Noah stay in place of Beth – prompting Beth to do one of the dumbest things I’ve seen a character do on this show. The decision proved to be a fatal one that got her nothing but a bullet in the head. It was tragic and fucked up but part of me believes Beth was ready to die in that moment and sacrificed herself in a way. It was unnecessary but it will be interesting to see how it affects the group as a whole – especially in regards to Maggie and Daryl.

  • giphyDuring the credits we see that Morgan isn’t far behind and still seems crazy as fuck.
  • Daryl killed Dawn and good for him.
  • I actually liked Dawn and was secretly hoping for a peaceful resolution LOL.