The Walking Dead E505 (Goat Rodeo)

The Walking Dead E505 (Goat Rodeo)

I should really stop releasing these reviews so late but being lazy feels too damn good.

This was easily the weakest episode of the season thus far mainly because it centered around a character I give zero shits about – fucking Abraham.

Within the first ten minutes of “Self Help” – the bus get’s completely wrecked thanks in part to Eugene’s desire to murder everyone i mean prevent the group from arriving to DC.


What the fuck? You put glass in the engine? SRSLY, BRO!!? If Eugene wasn’t one of the few sources of comedic relief I would’ve been done with him episodes ago. However, he’s so out of control that I can’t help but enjoy every time he opens his mouth. The shit he says straddles the thin line between insane and batshit crazy. So clearly he’s my new favorite character.

Out of the bus and into our feelings

What did work about this episode was the continued emphasis placed on the group dynamic. Everyone besides the man in control seems to have their shit together – so why Rosita isn’t calling the shots is beyond me. Abraham needs to take a sabbatical for the remainder of the season and pray to the holy writing gods to summon him some better material.

What didn’t work were the shitty flashbacks involving Abraham and Eugene – and not because of the content but purely based on the visual aspect of the material. It’s like a fourth grader and two of his friends decided to film these flashbacks and that’s unacceptable for a show of this caliber. Get it together AMC because my pitchfork is fucking ready.

Maggie has a conversation with Eugene about identity and knowing yourself or some shit like that. It all felt extremely forced but I did manage to take something away from their interaction. She spoke to Eugene about his true identity versus the image he chooses to display to the world. With H.G. Wells’s 1933 novel ‘The Shape of Things To Come’ as a reference, Maggie’s point was that just because someone seems one way on the outside does’t mean we could begin to fathom what they are thinking. The only reason I felt this was important was because it helped me to understand her lack of concern towards Beth – or at least the facade that she’s not worried. In her defense, I believe she may be trying to cope in the best way she can without falling to pieces. I would assume that the idea of mourning your sister so soon after losing a father would be a bit much for anyone to process. So while I initially wanted to throw shade towards Maggie, I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt. She’s just going through the fucking motions in her own way and that’s alright.

When the group find themselves faced with a legion of walkers standing between them and their destination – shit hit the fan real quick. Eugene chose to reveal he’s nothing more than a dirty liar and what ensued was an ass beating of epic proportions.


Eugene gave Abraham a reason to live in a moment where all hope was lost – so Abraham’s anger is totally justified. Although I personally think they all should have finished him off DEATH PROOF style.


While this episode failed to live up to the momentum established early on in the season – I’m still excited to see what happens next and that’s a rarity these days.