The Walking Dead E504 (Slap City)

The Walking Dead E504 (Slap City)

This episode took us away from the main group of survivors and introduced us to a new group led by Bitchface Dawn (a cop who likes to slap people way too fucking much). Dawn is easily one of those characters you love to hate from the moment you meet her. She’s cold, sketchy and has a quality about her that screams “I’m out of my goddamned mind and have no idea why I’m in charge but I’ll keep giving orders anyway LOL.” I wouldn’t have a problem with the constant slapping but timing is crucial to any good bitchslap. You can’t just go around slapping motherfuckers out of nowhere. I bet she won’t try that shit with Carol though.


I’m hoping that we’ll get some type of backstory to this group and how they came to be as to further understand Dawn’s motives. She’s interesting because she seems to care about the “greater good” but when you look at the behavior she allows to go on behind closed doors – it’s clear she’s just another control freak like Abraham and the Governor. Placing far too much energy on trying to revert things to how they were instead of accepting that adaptation is key to surviving.

When the time comes to dispose of any “dead weight” –  this group’s approach is a combination of laziness with a bit of efficiency. It’s extremely groundbreaking and involves tossing dead bodies down an empty elevator shaft. These people are geniuses and clearly have figured things out.


We’re also introduced to a character named Noah. He’s around Beth’s  age and seems to have been planning his escape from Walker’s Anatomy the moment the opportunity presented itself. He also claims to be strong although all evidence points to the contrary. The main focus of this episode was to show that Beth could survive on her own while proving that she’s actually interesting when she isn’t in the shadow of more badass characters like Daryl or Michonne.

After avoiding rape via candy – Beth and Noah capitalize on the buffoonery of Dawn’s unit and manage to break out, until Beth gets re-captured and Noah flees like the little bitch he is. 

All hope seemed to be lost for Beth until The One True God – Carol – arrived to once again save the day. She just needs to wake up first.


  • Noah is Morgan’s nephew. At least that’s my theory.
  • Carol is actually undercover. LOL
  • Beth was bitch slapped at least 20 times.
  • Guy with the sucker was a major douche and good riddance.
  • There was a doctor in this episode but honestly he sucks.
  • Beth + Gun = Epic