The Walking Dead E502/503 (BOB'S BURGERS)

The Walking Dead E502/503 (BOB’S BURGERS)



There were only a few things that happened in episode two that would count as significant:

  • Bob’s kidnapping
  • The revelation that the idiots of Terminus were alive and super pissed.
  • Carol and Daryl hauling ass after one of the sketchiest cars i’ve ever seen.

After Bob started receiving way too much screen time in ‘Strangers’ – it became clear that he was on his way out. It’s unfortunate for him and Sasha but anyone who tries to start a relationship during the end of the world should keep their expectations for a future at a minimal level. What’s not good for the Termites is the fact that Bob happened to be infected on the down low.

Most of episode three – ‘Four Walls and A Roof ‘- focused around avenging Bob while the subplot of traveling to Washington D.C. gained more steam thanks to Abraham and his impatient ways.

“The New World is gonna need Rick Grimes

In regards to Abraham – I’m not sure if this guy is just stupid or dealing with major control issues. If Eugene’s safety is so important – why not stay with a larger group? Wouldn’t that increase his chances of survival versus splitting the group up and making yourselves more vulnerable? What the fuck is this guy’s problem and what is he smoking? Because 1) Eugene is not a scientist and 2) Carol saved your life you ungrateful son of a bitch. I was literally praying that Rick would uppercut this fool but Buzzkill Glenn had to interrupt and suggest going to D.C. with Abraham; thus leaving his OG group behind.


Overall, this episode felt like a demonstration of how ruthless one has to be to survive in a world where the dead has risen again. Tyreese may have alluded to killing the goofy idiot from two episodes ago, but it turns out he still couldn’t do what it takes. However – after witnessing Sasha, Rick, Michonne and Abraham brutally end the Termites – it may have been the wake up call he needed. At least that’s what I took away from his choice to finish off Bob.





  • Tyreese is one of the last remaining characters to still hold on to his humanity, meaning his evolution from timid to badass should be interesting to watch; as well as his friendship with Rick.
  • Bob dies but manages to drop some realness on Rick.
  • What the fuck was up with the ending? WHO WAS WITH DARYL?
  • Michonne got her sword back.
  • I personally find Maggie’s lack of concern in regards to Beth to be a little disconcerting.