The Walking Dead E501 (TERMINATED)

The Walking Dead E501 (TERMINATED)

That episode gave me so much fucking life.


Eugene: “From the sound of things, there may not be anyone left to let us out.”

Carl: “Hey man, you’re new here. But my dad is a main character, so chill the fuck out.“

I’m notoriously known for ripping this show a new one when episodes don’t comply with my expectations – but the writers made me remember why I love this shit so much: it’s fucking good as hell and there’s a confidence in the execution that has been lacking in past seasons.


“No Sanctuary” begins with a shot of the Termites locked inside a box car. My initial reaction was that Rick and the group were able to turn the tables on these idiots but what we learn is something a bit darker. The people of Terminus had good intentions at one point, but those intentions were tested by a band of rapists which turned these survivors into cold blooded killers. Then we cut to present day where Rick, Michonne and the rest of the A-Team are gearing up to gouge some eyes out – utilizing any object they can as weapons.

When Rick, Glenn, Daryl and Bob are taken to get chopped up for dinner – the scene is interrupted by a few gun shots, followed by a loud explosion.


Knock,Knock, Bitches.

Carol was not only the MVP of the episode but she has officially inducted herself onto Team Badass. Who gives a fuck that she’s out numbered? At this point she has more balls than Tyreese so he’s better off playing Mommy to Judith anyways. Until the goofy idiot he’s been holding captive decides to threaten Judith’s life – which is enough for Tyreese to grow a pair and seemingly beat the motherfucker to death.

“People of Terminus. YA’LL ARE FUCKED!!!” – Carol

In her assault on Terminus, Carol uses a heard of walkers to her advantage – and with a combination of bullets and fireworks – she descends onto the grounds of Terminus like a real HBIC. With fire in her eyes and a lust for blood that would make the Governor fall to his knees.

She even gets into a badass fight with Mary. The bitch who we all thought was grilling up Beth with a side of fingers for dinner during last seasons finale.

Her diversion proved successful and allowed Rick and company to handle any and all Termites who crossed their paths.

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  • Sasha was the only person smart enough to actually ask Eugene about the cure.
  • Maggie still doesn’t seem that broken up about Beth missing. What. The. Fuck.
  • Rick is a fucking badass. After barely escaping Terminus, he was ready to go back in and waste thousands of more bullets. I guess being a badass doesn’t make you smart.
  • Morgan is back and I assume he’s still insane.
  • The dude in the boxcar was most likely from the rapist group and I laughed pretty fucking hard when he busted out all crazy and shit.