American Horror Story: Freak Show E401 (AMERICAN CLOWN)

American Horror Story: Freak Show E401 (AMERICAN CLOWN)

Like most red-blooded Americans, I have a deep rooted fear of clowns. Maybe it’s their mannerisms or the fact that a clown has never made me laugh. Or maybe it’s the fact that society has conditioned us to be scared shitless by these abominations. Whatever the fuck it is – I don’t like clowns or anything they stand for; and the latest episode of AHS has made that fear resurface in the worst way.

So naturally, when I heard this latest season would be focused around a “Freak Show” I was prepared for some campy shenanigans; and while I expected a clown or two, I didn’t expect the scariest fucking clown I’ve ever seen in my life. The writers or whoever was behind this monstrous spawn of Satan deserves all the credit in the world because my shit was literally disturbed. I’m not sure any attempt at describing this monster could do his appearance any justice but his one defining trait? HIS HUGE MOTHER FUCKING TEETH. And the fact that he doesn’t say a fucking word – yet clearly gets off on scaring the shit out of his victims:






The Characters 

  • Elsa Mars – A German dime piece played by the beautiful Jessica Lange who uses manipulation to recruit her performers.
  • tumblr_nd9gsccDGh1s4jr0no1_500Jimmy Darling – A boy with lobster-like hands who specializes in finger banging willing customers.
  • tumblr_nd8p1gDTJ51qa7xtno2_250The Bearded Lady – She has a fucking beard on her face.
  • Bette and Dot – Conjoined twins played by Sarah Paulson. One has a major attitude problem and the other is a super freak.
  • AHS-FREAK-PAULSONMa Petit – Elsa’s tiny assistant and possibly my favorite character.

The Plot

Set in Jupiter, Florida – the main focus of this episode revolved around Elsa’s attempt to recruit conjoined twins — Bette and Dot — into her inner circle in hopes of revitalizing a dying brand of entertainment.

The dynamic between the two sisters and Elsa is interesting mainly because their attitudes towards her are so polarizing. While one can smell her bullshit from a mile away, the other is easily influenced by the outside world and longs to let her “Freak Flag Fly” while her sister would rather lead a more solitary lifestyle. I also have no clue which one is Bette and which one is Dot.

We’re introduced to the other “attractions” of the show but other than Ma Petit and Jimmy (who murdered a local detective like a boss), none of them made any lasting impressions. And with next week’s episode introducing more characters played by the likes of Angela Bassett, Denis O’Hare and Emma Roberts, I assume the minor characters of the freak show will continue to fade into the background although I hope I’m wrong.

  • In a performance scene that felt more 70’s than 50’s, Elsa sings a ballad that does little to impress the two audience members in attendance. I mean what the fuck was she thinking wearing that blue makeup? If you wanted a clown in your show why not hire the local serial-killer-maniac prowling around the carnival rides?
  • It’s revealed that Elsa isn’t as normal as she seems and once we get a glimpse of her own personal deformities, we start to understand her lust for the spotlight; as well as her obsession with exploiting those in her show.
  • I wish I could take credit for the title but I can’t help the fact that my friends are more creative than me.