True Blood E710 (Compton, Out)

True Blood E710 (Compton, Out)

This isn’t so much of a review of the last two episodes but more of a fuck you letter to some of the fans. So I hope you assholes enjoy.

I’ve watched this episode at least four or five times now and I’m convinced that anyone who is extremely butt hurt should just get the fuck over it. Oh you watched a show for seven years and you’re too dumb to look past the insignificant fact that Sookie ended up with Wolverine? Oh go on and tell me how you could have conjured up a better ending when you can barely form a complete sentence? I mean, my only complaint was that there wasn’t more Jason and Eric sex dreams. Am I right? No? Okay then.

Please spare me the multitude of terrible ideas of how the show should have ended. It seems most people think that somehow turning Bill human would have been a much better ending? EXCUSE ME BUT DROP WHATEVER YOU’RE DOING AND FIND A NEARBY CLIFF BECAUSE YOU’RE FUCKING STUPID.


More than any episode of True Blood, the series finale gave us the one thing the show was never good at: giving us closure. There was a feeling that everything came full circle by the end and for a series finale that’s all I fucking needed. I appreciated the pacing of the episode because it felt like a character study more than anything (and that can be said for the entire second half of season seven) but looking back at how much most of these characters have grown is nostalgic in it’s own way.

Say what you want but what initially drew us all in was the dynamic between Sookie and Bill. Eric didn’t even show up until episode four and wasn’t made a regular until season two so for her to end up with him would be nothing more than fan service. Especially since she never loved Eric as much as Bill anyways and I’ll fight you if you disagree with me. Hell, she probably loved Alcide more than Eric. So it was fitting that she final season and episode focus on the end of Bill and Sookie’s relationship in the best way possible:


New Blood

  • Hoyt and Jessica are seemingly still married.
  • Jason is still a girlfriend fucker in my eyes
  • Sookie is preggerz
  • Everyone is happy
  • Eric and Pam are doing boss things thanks to New Blood.