True Blood E708 (50 Shades of Fucked)

True Blood E708 (50 Shades of Fucked)

The only thing that could destroy the joy of watching Eric return to healthy status is watching post Hep-V sexy time with Sookie and Bill. I mean what the fuck? So you’re both infected and you figure “Hey what the hell!? let’s get super nasty and bathe in our diseases because that’s how much I need to get laid.”

I have nothing against the Bill and Sookie pairing at all, I just have no desire to watch them fuck when he looks like total shit.  As my friend so eloquently put it:

“I don’t get how Sookie can be so fucking dickmatized by Bill again. Like, ew. Especially when Eric shows up all hot and cured. Gimme that Viking prince.”

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We haven’t had an ancient vampire on the same level of crazy as Russell in a while. So I was a little disappointed that Violet didn’t get to fully exact vengeance on Jason and Jessica. Mainly because everyone is starting to feel safe again and it would’ve been a nice surprise to see Violet do some major damage at least.

Think abut it – Violet murders Maxine to save Jessica. James fucks Lafayette, leaving Jessica broken and in need of a friend; so Violet turns down the crazy and let’s Jason be there for his “friend”. But wait – Jason and Jessica use this as the perfect opportunity to fuck her over so yeah I was hoping that Violet would stick that burning dildo up Jessica’s snatch real quick. And also – Jason is a shitty person and deserves to get his head ripped clean off. Eyeing Hoyt’s new girlfriend? SERIOUSLY BRO!??? I JUST CAN’T.

  • It’s poetic justice for Hoyt to be the one to kill Violet but damn I’m going to miss her crazy ass.
  • Hoyt and Jessica met again for the “first” time and I have little patience for shit like this in the final season. 


Nu Blood

Mr. Gus is a pretty baller dude and I like the way he thinks. This episode taught us all a lesson in Capitalism 101 and that’s how to get motherfuckers for EVERYTHING. The cure is ready to go but these motherfuckers don’t want it to work too well. They want to build dependency on their product which is both brilliant and fucked up in so many ways.

Realizing that this information is vital, Gus swears Pam and Eric to secrecy in regards to the cure which wouldn’t be a problem if Bill wasn’t inconveniently dying.

So naturally, Sookie’s impatient ass decides to risk not only her safety but Eric and Pam’s as well to save Bill. She arrives to Fangtasia only to be approached by Gus’ posse, and before being “Glamoured” she’s able to listen in on his thoughts. Which leads her to basement of Fangtasia where the Messiah awaits lol.

In typical asshole fashion, Bill denies the cure and I’m fucking done with him.

  • Storyline’s are starting to come together again which is good
  • Tara’s storyline finally found closure even if it was super disappointing.
  • Only two episodes left bitches