True Blood E707 (Messiah Complex)

True Blood E707 (Messiah Complex)

“No. You’re not real.”

“Maybe not, but death is.”

This episode felt like filler more than anything. Nothing significant happened other than NOTHING AT ALL. It’s as if the writers were sober or something when they crafted this shit because nothing about it was entertaining besides the last five minutes.


Eric and Pam

When Eric, Pam and Mr. Gus arrive to find Sarah’s sister – Amber – cured from Hep V so she’s pretty much dead already.

Pam has to convince Eric not to kill the only chance he has at healing himself although it’s not until Mr. Gus proposes a business plan that Eric starts to pay attention. He suggests that synthesizing Numie’s blood and marketing it as NuBlood is the only option because he’s a capitalist and whatnot.

“Hold it together Numie”

I’m not sure about anyone else but if you’re trying to be under the radar, why the fuck would you return to a place you frequented in your past? It’s all just very lazy and stupid.

Numie starts hallucinating visions of all the due’s she’s fucked – each spouting words of wisdom in her darkest hour. When presented with the choice of christianity vs. buddhism she chooses herself because she’s the fucking Messiah bitch.

Fairy Trolling

When Sookie promises Jessica that she will find a miracle for Bill, it’s not long before a random ass Hummer rolls up to her front porch. The first thing I was thinking was: “OKAY NOW WHO THE FUCK IS THIS?” and out hops Dr. Ludwig. The dwarf with an extremely sassy attitude who is renown for healing supernatural creatures like a boss.

We learn that whatever is happening to Bill is in a league of it’s own and whether or not there was anything Dr. Ludwig could do remains to be seen because she bolted the fuck out of town when Sookie dropped Niall’s name.

So what does Sookie do next? She summons him only to be tasked with making some fucking Spaghetti. He then takes her on a trip through time only to tell her that there isn’t shit he can do to help Bill either. And I’m just like dude just get the fuck out of here with your goofy ass hair. What a waste of precious screen time. If all you had to give us were more sepia toned flashbacks of Bill then no fucking thank you. 

Other Shit

  • Adilyn and Wade are in Violet’s super-baller-ass mansion. Trapped in her sex dungeon like two goofy idiots.
  • LaLa and Lettie are still just digging…
  • Hoyt is back and I DON’T CARE
  • Jason is ALREADY eyeing his girlfriend and he really needs to die this season
  • Andy and Holly are horrible at tracking their kids but i guess any parent would drive out of the way to Oklahoma when their kid’s truck was in Bon Temps. i mean what the fuck.