True Blood E706 (City of Compton)

True Blood E706 (City of Compton)

“Hell, he was a bonafide Vampire God about six months ago”

There were three main plot points in this episode: Lafayette and Lettie Mae’s descent into the spirit realm, Bill’s recent diagnosis of Hep V and the revelation that Sarah Newlin Numie is the goddamn cure. This is a pretty solid twist that I didn’t see coming so well-played, Numie, well-played. You’re a tricky little trick and your blood is now the only thing that can save our dudes.

Going Home

After her hilarious attack on Willa, Lafayette has decided to look after Lettie Mae  – in hopes of preventing her inevitable death. I have to say that seeing him be there for his aunt – despite everything she’s done –  says a lot about his character and the kind of man he is. He recognizes that this woman doesn’t deserve his help, but he sees that she needs it. 

After James offers his blood, the duo embark on a trip that leads them to Tara

She’s still speaking in tongues way too much and it’s a little unnerving. What are you even trying to say? Just use real words or something. I mean cryptic is nice and all but with only 4 episodes left, we need some answers. 

It does seem like this storyline is finally heading somewhere thanks to Tara leading LaLa and Lettie Mae to the old house that she grew up in. What the significance of this house holds in the final season is beyond me but I feel a resurrection coming on. Or maybe something is buried there. I really have no fucking clue.

Unfortunately the fucking Reverend had to interrupt the trip. And if the previews of the rest of the season are anything to go by, he will be joining Lafayette and Lettie Mae on their journey. Hopefully bringing closure to Tara’s storyline in a way that doesn’t feel like bullshit.  

Compton, OUT

Bill has discovered that not only does he have Hep V – but it’s spreading at a rapid pace. And who can he thank for that? Sookie Stackhouse. Although technically it’s his own damn fault

Let’s backtrack for a bit because the writers set up the end of the series back in season five. The season that most people talk shit on but I believe is one of the strongest mainly because the foundation of the show changed for the better. If Bill had never suggested blowing up the TruBlood factories, Governor Burrell wouldn’t have been able to capitalize on the lack of TruBlood by poisoning the supply with Hep V; and the girl Bill was willing to let die for the sake of the Vampire Bible is the one who ultimately seals his fate. 


What I enjoyed about this specific storyline was that we were shown the scope of how deep the Hep V problem goes when Bill makes an appointment with an Attorney to get his affairs in order. With so much focus on the happenings in Bon Temps, we forget that this a global problem that has started quite the domino effect. The Vampire Rights Amendment has been canned and any vampire wishing to pass their property over to their progeny is basically fucked.

When an attorney tells Bill that the only way she would consider moving him to the front of the line is he he pays her 10 million dollars. LOL silly bitch. You’re dead now. And so is your bodyguard. 


“We’re all Buddhas”

Eric and Pam forge an alliance with MR. GUS. The leader of the crazy samurai’s who tried to go Crouching Tiger on Eric but he decided to go Matrix on them in a pretty badass fight scene. 



Meanwhile, Numie is breaking into her sisters house, claiming that she swallowed the cure when the vampires revolted last season. It turns out the bitch wasn’t lying because by the time Eric and company arrive, Amber is healed and looking fine as hell. 



Only four episodes left bitches. 

  • Adilyn can die anytime now
  • Sookie finds out she is the one who gave Hep V to Bill which is poetic justice in so many ways. His actions from past seasons are finally catching up with him and karma is a bitch.
  • Violet will probably die soon
  • I almost forgot that Sam was even a part of this show. I remember a time when he was the most interesting character but now he’s pretty fucking lame.