True Blood E705 (Republicunting)

True Blood E705 (Republicunting)

This was a good ass episode. Mainly because a dude got his mouth ripped out. 

And for these reasons:

  • More Lafayette? Check.
  • Death and Carnage? Check.
  • More time with the core cast? Check
  • Bill isn’t a douche? Check
  • Lettie Mae is stirring up drama? Fuck yes. 


Eric released Willa and honestly I don’t think anyone really cares so I won’t elaborate further. 

However, Willa does relay the information that Sarah Newlin has a vampire sister named Amber, who lives in Dallas.


Amber turns out to be extremely hot but infected nonetheless. She gives Eric info on where he can find her bitchass sister, which happens to be in a deep, dark place that no man should ever venture to – a fictional republican gala held for senator Ted Cruz.

It’s not long before the Yakuza kill everyone, leading up to what seems like Sarah’s death by gunshot or beheading, but when Eric notices an old enemy – he decides to let Sarah go.



The following scene results in him dispatching of three dudes in the span of five seconds like a boss. 

The Party

Lafayette has one of his best episodes since the AIDS burger scene in season one. Not only does he get to bang James, he also gets to tell Jessica off. It was a flawless victory for Lala and I was cheering for my boy. It’s been clear for some time that Jessica is not feeling James at all so her reaction was a little annoying. So what does she do the first chance she gets? She fucks Jason which pretty much seals her fate.


You have to be one dumb ass bitch to fuck the boyfriend of an 800 year old vampire who already wants to kill you anyways. Now the fatal attraction that Jason is involved in will only get more fatal from this point. And fuck it, I’m all for it. 

Sookie and Bill reconnect but it doesn’t really matter because he has Hep V now. Either Sookie is infected from cutting her arm a few episodes back or the virus is airborne. But let’s be honest, it’s most likely some other stupid shit. 

  • Lettie Mae stabs Willa and it was fucking hilarious. She’s my new favorite character.
  • Holly and Andy are engaged and I choose not to invest in their relationship any further.
  • #TeamJaneBoathouse
  • I can actually tolerate Arlene when she’s drunk.