True Blood E704 (Squad Up, Ho)

True Blood E704 (Squad Up, Ho)

Everything about this episode was perfect and if you disagree, your time would be better spent fucking off. 


Flashback Me Bruh

“Death is Not The End” seemed to focus on Eric more than anything while managing to give every major character a shining moment. It’s like the writers are preparing us for his death by giving us as much content with him as possible and that’s fine with me.The flashbacks are always interesting because they add a certain level of depth to the show and the universe in which it takes place – not to mention 90’s Eric is one fly ass motherfucker


I’m also glad that Sookie embraced being a straight up bitch in this episode. I’m getting a little tired of hearing people complain about her when she hasn’t done shit worth the level of hatred she garners. I would much rather prefer she spends the rest of the season in bitch mode. That way you fuckers actually have something to complain bout. 

Battle at Fangtasia

When Eric takes a detour to Bon Temps so that he can summon Willa, he volunteers to help take out the vampires holding up at his home turf. Before the battle ensues, the writers found enough time to give Eric and Sookie their “moment” while letting him play the role of deadbeat dad to Willa – who was fucking pissed – and rightfully so. When he was comparing dick sizes with Governor Burrell last season, he did a lot of righteous talk in defense of vampires – even shunning the notion of abandoning a newborn like Willa. Too bad that’s exactly what did to her after using her as a pawn in his war against her father. But that’s none of my business. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m always #TeamEric but that doesn’t mean I’ll turn a blind eye when his character does some fucked up shit. I personally resent Pam for leaving Tara but she seems to be genuinely upset about it and it shows. Which is saying a lot for her.

The following battle  worked in the favor of the main cast thanks to the fucking Underground Railroad. 



While Nicole and Jane Boathouse were rescued, Arlene was already getting prepped for dinner. She’s brought to the brink of death and the arrival of the town idiots only made the situation more chaotic. Which was a joy to watch. 

  • In one episode – two opposing factions were obliterated and the season is just getting started.
  • Arlene eventually heals after having a medium rendezvous with Terry on the other side and ingesting the blood of some dude named Keith – and we all know this means she’s about to be dancing on that Vampire D.
  • It was a little fucked up of Sookie to make Holly remember that shit and then deuce the fuck out like “Later, ho. Have fun being super depressed and shit! bahahaha”. LOL W T F?
  • Lafayette needs a spin off where he play’s the role of spiritual guru to Jessica.
  • The scenes between Hoyt and Jason were touching to say the least. Although Hoyt was glamoured two seasons ago so he had no clue who the fuck Jason was LOL. 
  • We saw Terry and honestly it was really goofy. If anything it proves that Arlene is probably a medium.