True Blood E702 (The Reaping)

True Blood E702 (The Reaping)

There was a lot going on during this episode. We were introduced to the hierarchy of the Hep V Vamps and learned that in order to survive they not only need to be organized but smart. The clock is ticking for these fools and while it may seem like they are consuming humans in mass – they are actually rationing what they eat – for the most part. It’s interesting mainly because it’s essentially a race against the clock and the fact that typical nest behavior is starting to show only adds to the tension.

That Dream Though

The first five minutes of the episode opened with a hardcore dose of fan service. Remember when Eric gave Jason his blood last season and said: “When you dream of me, dream of nice things”? Well he wasn’t fucking around. There were many obvious signs that this was a dream but judging by the way some people reacted – you would think it was the fucking Rapture. Sure, maybe some of you found the scene awkward only because of the fact that it was between Eric and Jason. But let’s be honest – most of you are probably homophobic and why the fuck you would watch True Blood is beyond me.


But I refuse to believe that Eric Northman is a bottom. 

Lettie Mae & Tara

Lettie Mae is doing typical scandalous shit. You know – manipulating people to satisfy her own personal needs. She has the audacity to use her family ties to Lafayette to try and force him to summon Tara. He calls her a “trifling’ bitch” and the crowd goes wild. As usual, LaLa is f*ckin flawless. 

After getting the boot from Lafayette and inflicting pain upon herself as an excuse to gain vampire blood – Lettie Mae slithers her way down to Willa’s sleeping quarters. She makes the mistake of trying to wake the baby vamp during her slumber which results in Lettie Mae getting getting tossed across the fucking room. It was the best thing that’s happened to her character. 

Willa eventually agrees to help Lettie Mae because why the fuck not? What follows is a cryptic vision of sorts; or possible trip to another realm? I honestly have no idea what to think about this scene but Tara was present. And it was nice to see her. Even if she was crucified on a cross with a goddamned snake invading her personal space. I mean what the fuck was up with that? I was pretty high during this scene so that may have added to the trippyness but this is no doubt most compelling storyline of the season thus far. 


Still not convinced Tara is dead but seeing her on that cross does make me wonder. 

Pizza Forensics 

Remember the dead body that Sookie encountered last week but decided it wasn’t important enough to report until when it was convenient for the storyline? Yeah well her body has been completely fucked by animals since then and now she’s the group’s only lead to figure out what the Hep V Vamp’s next move is. 

The team of Sookie, Alcide, Jason, Andy and Sam switch into Avengers mode, demonstrating that they can still work as a team to get shit done. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again before the season is over: True Blood is at it’s best when the characters are united. 

I gave Jason a hard time last week but he found his way back into my good graces. His style of pizza forensics is something to behold and his comedic timing is always on point. Using his skills, he determines that roughly two days have passed since the Hep V Vamps have rampaged through the neighboring town of St. Alice, further reinforcing the fact that the show is heading towards an apocalyptic end. 

Bon Temps Gon’ Wild

Over the course of six years, the inhabitants of Bon Temps have adjusted to the idea that ignorance is bliss. That foundation has completely broken a part – forcing the town to take a good look at what the fuck is going on around them. 

Maxine Fortenberry was cracking my shit up during this episode. She’s an ignorant bitch but she’s damn good at it. Her remarks towards Adilyn were golden: “Last time I checked you were a newborn – what the fuck’s going on with that? I have no idea.” 


When the town decides to raid the Sheriff’s department for guns, all it takes is a little pulling of the race card for Kenya to throw all her morals out the window. This is fine with me because if it means that most of these side characters will be dying soon – it’s a good thing.

The Reaping

“I did not survive 4 lousy husbands, a serial killer boyfriend, and the sorta suicide of my love, Terry, to die in the dingy basement of a fucking vampire club. I am getting us out of here.” – Arlene

The highlight of the episode were definitely the scenes which took place at Fangtasia. The Hep V’s are rationing what little food they have left while trying to maintain order amongst their ranks. 

We’re introduced to the Reaper. Which is a vampire ordered to obtain or procure the cattle for feeding. This is an interesting dynamic to introduce because it allows Arlene to capitalize on plotting her escape thanks in part to a familiar face: Ms. Harris. 

When Arlene and Holly manage to get through to whatever bit of humanity Ms. Harris has left – she agrees to help the women escape. However – when the time comes, she expresses her need to feed first. 

As Arlene offers her femoral artery to the vampire, something trippy as fuck happens. Ms. Harris goes into a blood frenzy and then disintegrates into a pile of steaming goo. Much like Norah last season. 

I was completely lost and had no idea what the fuck this meant until one my brilliant friends pointed out that Arlene is most likely a Hep V carrier. Mind = blown. 

Other shit

  • Pam finds Eric and it was very anti-climatic yet sad at the same time. He appears to be infected and I’m a little bummed out about that. It does add a sense of urgency to the show and hopefully this means we will find a cure. 
  • The Figure was absent. I missed him.