The Walking Dead E416 (Rickpocalypse Now)

The Walking Dead E416 (Rickpocalypse Now)

I have mixed feelings on this episode. There was a lot going on: possible anal rape, millions of bullets wasted (again) and the revelation that Terminus is the shit hole we all expected it to be.

The Good

After being MIA for a while, Rick, Michonne and Carl finally got another episode to themselves.

We catch up with the trio in the woods as Rick demonstrates how to build traps like a boss. This family outing was quickly interrupted by the screams of some idiot getting wrecked by a group of walkers nearby. Carl – who was my favorite character – decided to run off in the direction of the screaming (while completely disregarding Rick’s demand to chill the fuck out) annnnnd I’m annoyed by this kid again. For some reason he always feels the need to turn up and it’s grinds my damn gears.

After finding a place to set up camp for the night, it seemed as if Rick and Michonne were finally about to make their way to Bang Town (which is a real place and if you don’t believe me I’ll fight you) but ultimately got interrupted by the Claimed Crew + Daryl. To say shit got real would be an understatement. In a last second attempt to turn the tide of the situation, Rick hulks out in ways I never thought were possible. There are things you just don’t do in the zombie apocalypse: you don’t attempt to rape a guy’s son and you don’t interrupt his chance to bang the katana wielding black chick. What Rick does to rectify the situation is beyond badass and all I can say is that the guy is a fucking savage.


The next day he and Daryl spend some time rekindling their bromance while Michonne consoles Carl. If The show focused only on this group I think I would be okay with that. They continue on their path to Terminus and that’s when shit gets weird.

The Bad

When the group arrive at Terminus they’re greeted by the Termites (led by some scrawny fellow named Gareth) who also happen to be wearing Maggie’s poncho, Glenn’s watch and I’m sure something else that belonged to someone I don’t care about. Rick notices that something is sketchy and knocks the plate of freshly cooked human out of his server’s hands. From this point on I was done with the episode. Other than the fact that this is a TV show, there is absolutely no reason for all of these people to be such horrible shots. I was under the impression that you shoot to kill, not to troll. But it turns out they were just manipulating the situation further by forcing them into a train-car marked “A” where they could reunite with their old friends. Super fucking lame.

Overall, this season was pretty good. I think last year’s finale was actually a better episode in retrospect, mainly because a major character died which is a far better ending than having every character stand around in a box.

Other shit

  • There were flashbacks in this episode juxtaposed with the current events and I guess that was….nice?
  • Far too many people made it through this season alive.
  • Rick was smart to bury some backup weapons. Too bad there’s a militia of soldiers guarding the perimeter.