The Walking Dead E415 (Terminus)

The Walking Dead E415 (Terminus)

“I don’t trust any fucking part of this Terminus shit.” – K

In this season’s penultimate episode, The Walking Dead eased up on the sadistic, depressing shit and gave us some time to fucking breathe. Last week’s episode was amazing but emotionally draining. This week’s gave the survivors a glimpse of hope. Even if that hope is in the form of the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life next to Papa Legba:


mary-terminus-paintingLook familiar?

Glenn & Maggie

Glenn follows Maggie, Bob and Sasha’s trail which eventually leads the group to a long, dark tunnel that no one in their right mind would enter. I don’t care how many flashlights you have. Sgt. Abraham – who is slightly less annoying now – seems to have some common sense and says fuck that shit, you’re on your own.

Tara is still feeling guilty about Hershel but seriously? Bitch you didn’t even know him. Get over it. Your sister was dumb and you should be thankful you’re alive. Although I have to give credit to the writers again. When Tara and Glenn run into a few complications inside the tunnel, It seemed like the perfect time to just kill her off, but maybe that was too predictable. Once again, these trivial characters keep living longer than they should but hopefully there’s a plan for her. What wasn’t predictable was Maggie and Glenn’s reunion. I definitely didn’t expect them to find each other at least until the finale so that was nice I guess. For some insane reason, Maggie burns the only picture that Glenn has of her. I’m sorry but that was very unnecessary. Who does that?

After finally reaching an agreement, the two groups merge and make their way to Terminus aka the scariest place on earth. Where are the people? Why is it so silent? What kind of barbecue sauce do they have?

  • We got to see Rick, Carl and Michonne for literally five seconds.
  • When Tara and Glenn were facing the horde of walkers in the tunnels, all I could think was: where is that bitch from Resident Evil when you need her?
  • Daryl’s group was a waste of screen time and they brought nothing to the table. The only thing you need to know is that they’re on Rick’s trail and don’t have Beth.
  • Which means Beth is probably in Terminus.
  • Eugene talks a lot about video games but not science. That’s sketchy.