The Walking Dead E414 (The Grove)

The Walking Dead E414 (The Grove)

This episode was a series of Lizzie doing really dumb shit. The kind of shit that makes you understand why parents beat their children. Also, this was one of the The Walking Dead’s best episodes.

After a hiatus, we finally catch up with Tyreese, Carol and the kids in an episode that proves this show is clearly not fucking around. There was a sense of tension for a number of reasons: the inevitable confrontation between Tyreese and Carol loomed near while the stability of Lizzie’s psyche versus Meeka’s came into question.


I feel like these two girls each represent some facet of Carol’s character. The Carol we met in season one who didn’t “have a mean bone” in her body compared to this somewhat ruthless survivor she’s evolved into. The only difference between Lizzie and Carol is that the latter was never bat shit crazy. She understood the dangers in living in a world overrun by walkers. Lizzie’s characterization is a bit inconsistent though. I can comprehend her not wanting to kill walkers but I don’t understand how she failed to process the threat that they clearly posed. This is made abundantly clear when she played tag with one and has the nerve to yell at Carol for saving her life. This is when my hate for Lizzie began to set my soul on fire. However the true what the fuck moment came later when Lizzie decides to murder her sister in cold blood – with similar plans for baby-girl grimes. Bitch you’re wild. Stop it – immediately.

It became clear what needed to be done and I think it’s the only time I actually wanted a child to die on television. She couldn’t comprehend the fact that she killed her sister and I cannot fuck with that. Girl bye.


“This is how she is. It was already there. I didn’t see it.” – Carol


By the end of the episode I was emotionally drained and kind of over the drama; but the best moment came during Carol’s confession to Tyreese. He could have killed her and some might argue that he should have. But I’m glad he didn’t. I think this has been the most compelling group thus far and I hope they make it out of this season alive.