The Walking Dead E413 (SB EDITION)

The Walking Dead E413 (SB EDITION)

This article is nearly a week late. It’s also Spring Break, so fuck off.

Bob, Sasha and Maggie

We start the episode with a flashback of Bob before he met up with the survivors at the prison. The only thing I really took away from this scene was that he seriously needed some conditioner.


When the trio find a Terminus map – they deliberate over what their next move should be. Maggie’s only concern is finding Glenn (yet doesn’t seem to give any fucks as to where Beth is) and assumes if he’s alive, Terminus is where he’d go.

This storyline was good in regards to developing Sasha and Bob as characters. Their sexual tension finally lead to a kiss that was a long time coming. Sasha looks like the fairy elf princess of the ghetto. I was confident that she was going to die the moment she decided to stay behind but it turns out Maggie was waiting for her near the same building. How fucking convenient.

Sasha inadvertently knocks a window down and alerts nearby walkers of Maggie’s position. After a pretty solid zombie-fight, they reunite with Bob and make their way towards Terminus.


Daryl and Beth

I’m not really sure if we needed to see Daryl or Beth this week. They received an entire episode to themselves last week – so I think time would’ve better spent catching up with Rick, Michonne and Carl. Thankfully – shit went down.


After deciding that it would be a good idea to post up in the house of a creepy-ass mortician (LOL WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!?? NO THANK YOU!) Daryl and Beth get increasingly close. Is it still awkward? Um – I don’t know, is the sky fucking blue?

The house gets overrun by walkers and Beth get’s kidnapped (although I’m pretty sure that bitch just drove off without Daryl – who is now in the clutches of the gay biker gang that Rick encountered a few weeks ago).

Only three episodes left bitches.