The Walking Dead E412 (Middle Fingers Up If You Don't Give A Fuck)

The Walking Dead E412 (Middle Fingers Up If You Don’t Give A Fuck)

I’ll preface this by saying that If I ever talk shit about Daryl Dixon again – feel free to bitch slap me.

When I realized this episode would focus only on Daryl and Beth, I didn’t expect much. However, it was pretty fucking good.

The premise of “Still” was simple: Beth wants to get throwed.

This was a coming of age story as the two confronted some of their fears and insecurities, which allowed them to find strength in each other. I was praying that things wouldn’t get too weird but thankfully their bond is reminiscent of two siblings.

After starting the episode by hiding in the trunk of car (which provided us with some trippy cinematography), they eventually make one of shittiest camps I’ve ever seen. It’s not long before Beth realizes this is bullshit. Their quest for alcohol leads them to the holy grail of trailer trash where there’s an abundance of moonshine. Feeling tipsy – Beth initiates a game of Never Have I Ever which Daryl took way too personal. He began to annoy me only because his behavior was so damn erratic. We eventually learn that he’s harboring some major guilt in regards to giving up his search for the Governor, thus allowing him to attack the prison.

After having a breakdown of sorts, the two find themselves chilling under the night sky and having real talk about stuff and things. Beth admits that she’ll most likely die before Daryl and I think this took a lot of courage. She’s a better character than I usually give her credit for but I won’t get too attached. The point of this episode was for these characters to finally let go of all the bullshit they’ve been through and stay focused on one thing now: throwing your middle finger up like you don’t give a fuck.



Beth says the one thing that 99% of you have been saying all along: Daryl will be the last man standing. He knows it, she knows it and goddammit I guess I know it too.