The Walking Dead E411 (NINJA GRIMES)

The Walking Dead E411 (NINJA GRIMES)

This was one of Rick’s best episodes – but Abraham kind of sucks.

Glenn, Tara, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene

After passing out like a chump last week, Glenn awakens in the back of Abraham’s truck alongside his new ally – Tara. She’s smart and has been writing down the directions because she knew Glenn would want to go back for Maggie. I like this chick and it’s not just because of her big boobs. Like Abraham said – she’s loyal and that’s admirable. Even if she’s easily influenced by raging lunatics.


After Glenn and Abraham compared dick sizes, the group ultimately agrees to follow Glenn after a brief attack from walkers. Eugene – the scientist who is supposedly going to “save the world” is looking a little sketchy IMO. It’s pretty clear he has no desire to go to Washington and maybe his accidental shooting of the truck wasn’t so accidental after all. The look on his face as the group followed Glenn made this pretty clear.


Poor Abraham, all that strength but not one ounce of intellect. Any fool could see that this guy isn’t a real scientist you goofy, fucking idiot. You’re good at killing walkers, though, and the show definitely needs more strong characters who aren’t just redcoats. So i’ll allow you the time you need to develop but until you prove that you have a brain I’ll never take you seriously.

Michonne and Carl

Carl spends most of the episode digging into Michonne’s business. Their storyline seemed laid back compared to Rick’s, but we were given insight into Michonne’s past which is a rare thing. We learn that she once had a son, Andre, who didn’t survive long after the infection spread. This obviously hits home for Carl as he’s still trying to cope with the “loss” of Judith. With Carl losing Lori (and Judith) and Michonne losing Andre, they each fill a necessary void in each others lives.

Michonne’s character has come a long way and every bit of back-story we get helps to understand the stoic, silent warrior we first met back in season two (AND YES SHE FIRST SHOWED UP IN SEASON TWO. DON’T FUCK WITH ME).


While Rick stayed behind to tend to his wounds, the house gets “claimed” by a group of d-bags. In this moment Rick transforms from a whiny little bitch into a ninja and it was glorious. The following scenes had a good combination of suspense and mystery since we didn’t know who the fuck these assholes were.


Luckily for Rick, all of these guys were fucking idiots. #NINJAGRIMES managed to avoid confrontation with all but one guy; who happened to be chilling in the bathroom (and most likely jerking off because what else is there to do in the zombie apocalypse?). These guys basically killed each other off one by one – which worked in Rick’s favor but was extremely illogical.

The trio eventually find themselves heading towards Sanctuary meaning a reunion with Judith could be sooner than later. I’m predicting that this season will end with Rick, Michonne and Carl being the last group to arrive in Terminus, possibly reuniting with Judith but that would be a happy ending and we don’t get those on this show.