The Walking Dead E410 (Inmates)

The Walking Dead E410 (Inmates)

That was so much better than last week. So we can just skip the bullshit and get to the point.

Daryl and Beth


The first group we catch up with are the duo of Daryl and Beth. While their storyline wasn’t the most compelling, it was good to see that Beth isn’t completely useless after all .

Daryl is on his silent, stoic shit which is always good. The less Norman Reedus has to speak the better IMO.

It’s not clear where these two are headed by the end of the episode so I guess we can expect them to be on there own for a while. Most of their time was spent on the move while reflecting on how fucked they are.

Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika and Judith


Tyreese is stuck with three white children and it’s amazing – but can we all just have a sigh of relief for baby girl Grimes? Good to see she’s still alive. I don’t care what anyone says – Judith should  live for the entirety of the series. After Lori’s death it would feel cheap to just kill her off and she’s the only silver lining in a very dark cloud.

There’s nothing more interesting than the group dynamic and now that the writers have chosen to mix some of these personalities up – it’s proving to be a good fucking idea. Lizzie is bat shit crazy and is easily the most compelling character on the show. She has absolutely no tact when she tells her sister “You’re not like Sasha. You’re still here” right in front of Tyreese. BITCH THAT WAS RUDE. HAVE A SEAT AND THINK ABOUT YOUR ACTIONS PLZ.

When Ty realizes that there may be other survivors in need, he does the logical thing by leaving Judith in the hands of a raging lunatic. I mean what the fuck, Lizzie? I know that the crying was getting out of hand but SHIT. I guess we know who was killing all those fucking rats back at the prison.

When a group of walkers slowly make their way towards the girls, Mika fires her gun and the next time we see them – BAM! IT’S CAROL BITCHES! The ex- head bitch in charge has returned and might I add – is looking quite ratchet. Lucky for her – Ty has no idea that she murdered Karen and at this point it wouldn’t do him any good.

The group gets word of a safe haven called Terminus.

Maggie, Sasha and Bob


This trio were some of the last to escape from the prison and were left behind by whoever that asshole bus driver was. Sasha is looking mighty fierce and Bob is definitely wanting a piece of that pie. She ain’t got time for that though because as far as she’s concerned, her big brother is dead.

Maggie is focused on finding Glenn and reassures Sasha and Bob that they will all reunite. Sasha thinks this a bad idea but eventually agrees to help. Maggie is holding her feelings about Hershel’s death pretty close to the chest but her inevitable breakdown will come – and it’s to be expected. I just hope she makes it through the season because girl you are real easy on the eyes.

She goes BUFFY on a few walkers and eventually has a confrontation with one that kind of looked like Glenn but the show was just trolling us.

Glenn and Tara


Glenn apparently jumped off of the moving bus some time between the last time we saw him and now. I won’t lie and say I was a little disappointed to see that he’s still alive just because I think everyone should die now that Andrea is gone. Just kidding, but this episode was exactly what Glenn needed. It reminded us that he is capable of being a leader when the situation requires it. He often gets overshadowed by the likes Rick and Daryl so it’s nice to see him have to fend for himself.

He takes a moment to collect some stuff and thangs from his cell block, and then heads out to search for his wife when he finds Tara aka someone I thought we’d never see again. Not only is she still alive, but she witnessed her sister die moments after shooting the Governor. Aw, girl bye.

Tara has more potential of living in this world though, and her police training came in handy during this episode. Watching her and Glenn run through the horde of walkers was pretty epic, even if it only lasted five minutes. Just add some epic music in the background and I’m sold pretty much every time.

Oh and this happened: