The Walking Dead S4.E09 [Everything is Fucked]

The Walking Dead S4.E09 [Everything is Fucked]

Russell takes matters into his own hands

Well, that was fucking bullshit. The Walking Dead’s over hyped midseason premiere  was wack as fuck. I’m pretty sure the rest of this season will be an epic fail but hopefully I’m wrong.

There was much emphasis placed on the father-son dynamic between Rick and Carl – while Michonne walked around looking crazy as fuck.


The Good

Rick and Carl spent most the episode in the midst of a constant power struggle which got old real fast. Rick is basically good for nothing at this point and looks like shit thanks to that super-embarrassing ass whooping the Governor served up to him.This is the only time in the series where I’ve looked at Carl as someone who’s actually capable. Instead of him proclaiming that he can take care of himself we get to see it first hand and he doesn’t disappoint. In a way, TWD is just as much a story about Carl as it is about Rick. On the surface it may seem like Rick is the main character but we’re experiencing the apocalypse through Carl’s eyes more than anything. He’s transformed into a pretty solid soldier and like Michonne – when he’s in a shitty situation, he’ll most likely find a way through. Shit. Carl is my new favorite character. WHAT THE FUCK.


The Fucking Bad

Marie Laveau Michonne is a badass. We know this and love this about her. She also needs to be developed and I get that. BUT THIS IS WHAT WE GET? A POORLY CONSTRUCTED DREAM SEQUENCE? I would have preferred a flashback of her and Andrea doing badass, renegade shit instead of that trippy mess we got. She’s still a boss bitch but I’m not interested in seeing her cry. I’m interested in seeing her do badass shit. I mean I couldn’t even enjoy watching her slay countless walkers due to her annoying crying.

She ends up tracking down Rick and Carl and to be honest it was all too damn emotional for a midseason premiere.

  • Zombified Hershel
  • Dead looks really good on the Governor

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