American Horror Story: Coven S3.E09 [Head]

American Horror Story: Coven S3.E09 [Head]

The midseason finale of Coven was a huge improvement over last week. Now that the season is nearing it’s end, it seems like the writers are focused on raising the body count to new levels while setting up the final four episodes up perfectly. New alliances have been formed and  old characters met their end but as I mentioned before – no one ever stays dead on this fucking show and it’s a real shame. However – Queenie’s death had an air of finality to it and as much as I love her character, her death had real impact and I would hate to see that downplayed by a quick resurrection. We lost a Voodoo doll but gained a Voodoo queen.

We learned more about the Witch Hunters and their motivations. They’re a well oiled machine that’s been active for years, dedicated to the persecution of witches. They mask their organization under the disguise of a corporation and seem well-funded. After Fiona reveals to Marie that their assassin failed, Marie creates a Voodoo doll and completely fucks Hank up. She orders that if he doesn’t follow through with the murder of the salem witches, she’ll pierce a hole through his heart. In a turn of events, Hank decides to unleash a deadly assault on the Voodoo tribe that ends in multiple deaths, including his via Queenie. This is the first time we’ve seen Marie Laveau in a vulnerable position and the look of terror on her face proved she’s not as invincible as we once thought. After losing her entire tribe, she has no other choice but to join forces with her sworn enemies meaning Witch Hunters better run for their fucking lives.

Nan has a pretty decent episode this week and I’m starting to think that she is definitely the next supreme. In fact, in this upcoming war with the Witch Hunters I’m willing to bet that Nan ends up becoming a badass out of nowhere. By the end of this season, the bitch will be teleporting, conjuring dinosaurs and flying around on a fucking broomstick.


Other shit

    • Myrtle is fucking crazy and gave Cordelia new eyes
    • Delphine learned a bit about freedom 
    • The possibility of demons?
    • Kyle the watchdog 
    • Marie Laveau can teleport
    • Crazy white people with shotguns is always a bad thing