Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1.E10 ["Having Powers is Cheating"]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1.E10 [“Having Powers is Cheating”]

The midseason finale of SHIELD was one of the show’s better episodes. Mike Peterson – the guy introduced in the pilot episode who was boring as fuck – returned and proved that he’s actually a badass. It turns out that he’s been recruited as a SHIELD agent and the serum created by Fitz-Simmons gave him the stability he needed to control his powers.

This episode introduces a mysterious villain by the name of the Clairvoyant (WTF?) who has been behind a series of attacks on SHIELD (Could this be the “Gifted Individual” from May’s mission?). The bitch in the flower dress is still doing bitchy things but all I could do is stare at her eyes. Centipede has been injecting soldiers with Extremis – but are having issues stabilizing the effects. All of this lead us to believe that it was Mike Peterson they wanted when in reality it was Agent Coulson. This left us with a pretty huge cliffhanger that resulted in Coulson’s capture.


Agent May is surprisingly the most developed character on the show thus far. She was initially seen as this legendary badass who had no emotional ties but these last few episodes have proven that there’s more to her. She’s banging Ward on the reg so maybe that’s helped. However her reaction to Skye’s desire to find the identity of her mother is surprisingly passive aggressive so until I have evidence to prove I’m wrong – I’m guessing that Skye is the lovechild of May and Coulson. There’s something that Coulson isn’t telling Skye in regards to the subject of her mother and maybe that’s because of a promise he made to May. The only problem with this theory is that it completely fucks up the May, Ward and Skye triangle in weird ways.

FitzSimmons didn’t have much to do but they still managed to provided much needed comedic relief to a pretty intense episode. Their interactions with Mike Peterson were pretty hilarious and it seems like Jemma Simmons has got a hint of jungle fever. And apparently so does Skye. Unfortunately it looks like Mike was blown the fuck up so that kind of sucks.

It looks like we’ll finally learn more about Coulson’s resurrection when the show returns in January. Which will probably be super underwhelming but Ill stay positive.