Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1.E09 ["She Needs to Get Laid"]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1.E09 [“She Needs to Get Laid”]

On this episode the agents had to deal with an invisible dude who used a wrench as a weapon. Nothing about it made sense but that’s why I love this show.

We’re first introduced to a young girl who seemingly has the power of telekinesis when it’s revealed that she’s being protected by the super angry ghost of Tobias Ford – who died in an explosion that tore open a portal to an alien world. If I had seen Thor: The Dark World this would probably be more significant, but I didn’t so it means nothing to me. What makes Tobias such a formidable villain are his abilities. He has the power to dematerialize between worlds, giving him abilities similar to teleportation and invisibility. His love for Hannah became violent as he proved to have no regard for the safety of others when it came to protecting her. Agent May – who clearly had no time for this bullshit – took upon herself to shoot the chick. She didn’t die or anything but it was for her own good.

This was a May centric episode that uncovered some of the mystery revolving around her legendary nickname The Cavalry. Like most legends, the story changes depending on who’s telling it but Coulson is the one to reveal what actually happened. Except I still have more questions than answers in regards to his version of the story. Apparently, May crossed off an enemy force who were worshipping a “gifted individual”. Please be Professor Xavier or someone I’ve actually heard of.

While many people are annoyed by the lack of information we have on our characters, I personally like the show’s approach to storytelling. More than anything it seems as if this first set of episodes have focused on establishing who these characters are while shedding light on some of their motives – but there is still plenty to be explored. I wouldn’t mind a flashback episode that shows exactly what went down during May’s mission so that I can understand her better. We don’t know much about her other than the stories we hear – so more backstory for her character would be a good thing.

The episode ends with May defeating Tobias by appealing to the last bit of humanity he has left. BUT NOT BEFORE SHE WHOOPED HIS INVISIBLE ASS. If I had the power to de-materialize between worlds I doubt anyone would be able to lay a finger on me. Tobias – you suck, go home.