American Horror Story: Coven S3.E08 [The Sacred Taking]

American Horror Story: Coven S3.E08 [The Sacred Taking]

The crazy bitches over on American Horror Story: Coven were just as ratchet as ever this week.

Queenie starts the episode on a mission for Voodoo queen Marie Laveau to find a dark heart. She’s making a potion that’ll give Queenie more powers but a sacrifice must be made. Madison and Fiona arrive to find their friend has no interest in joining their wack ass coven when she can join the cooler, Voodoo tribe that probably has way better food.

I don’t blame Queenie for joining up with Marie but I’m indifferent towards her betrayal of Delphine – who’s conversation with Marie only reiterated how ratchet the bitch is. She was good to Queenie but that doesn’t make up for all her ignorant bullshit. Sorry bitch but your hand just got chopped off and I give zero fucks.

The Sacred Taking

The girls decide to perform The Sacred Taking which is a ritual that requires the reigning Supreme to kill herself – ensuring the protection of the coven. The newly resurrected Myrtle reveals that Misty Day surely must be the next Supreme, so they form a plan to manipulate Fiona into killing herself for their cause. But not before Madison get’s a chance to fuck with her.


I couldn’t help but feel like my time was being taken for granted as I continued to watch this episode. We all knew Fiona wasn’t going to die and that these bitches would somehow fail but I would prefer to know what’s going on over at the house of Voodoo.


Fiona spends most of the episode feeling sorry for herself. She attempts “suicide” with the help of Madison and the rest of the coven. It’s all for nothing and a complete waste of time because she returns back from the spirit realm where she’s encountered yet another character thought to be dead: goofy ass Russell Edgington Spalding. No one ever stays dead on this show and it fucking sucks.


The episode ends with Delphine’s head in a box and I officially have no fucking clue what’s going on.