The Walking Dead S4.E08 [Too Far Gone]

The Walking Dead S4.E08 [Too Far Gone]

“Angry black women and white kids. Two of the scariest things known to man” – A WISE DUDE

The midseason finale of The Walking Dead was easily one of the best episodes of the series – and IMO this is how season three should have ended. There was a lot going on during “Too Far Gone” but there was one moment in particular that had most of us curled into a fetal position, crying our eyes out.

As I predicted – the purpose of giving The Governor two episodes to himself was to give him enough time to build an army of his own. After he kidnaps Michonne and Hershel – the events that followed are sure to have a lasting impact on the remainder of the season.

I can’t tell if Lily is fucking stupid or just a horrible mother. It’s not long before Megans dumbass gets bitten and we all saw it coming. As Lily watched on as a lone walker crip walked it’s way across the river, Megan decides to make mud pies like an idiot. I mean what the fuck? If I was the Governor and she rubbed mud all over my jacket – I would have thrown that demon child into the river immediately. EXCUSE ME BUT YOU’RE GROUNDED. HAVE A SEAT.

Meanwhile Hershel tries to reason with The Governor, pleading with him to call a truce with Rick. As he and Michonne are revealed to be in his clutches – Team Prison start to arm themselves. However – it’s Rick’s surrender that the Governor wants and when his request is denied – OFF GOES HERSHEL’S FUCKING HEAD. WHAT’S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW? IS THIS REAL LIFE?

As the war finds it way onto prison grounds, the group ultimately ends up disbanding. Most of the Woodbury survivors (including Glenn) escaped via the bus, leaving Maggie, Sasha and Bob behind. Tyrese is busy fighting off the bitch-army chick that I was SO sure would play a bigger role in the second half of the season (LOL). Remember Meeka and Lizzie? The two young girls who received combat training from Carol? Yeah well they are total badasses. They shot the army bitch point blank and then ran in the opposite direction. This is important because my theory is that they went back to grab Judith.


Rick finally confronts the Governor and the two traded blows that made Rick’s fight with Shane look like Yoga. While Rick definitely got some good hits in -I think we can all agree that The Governor whooped his ass. It’s no surprise that Michonne saves the day just in time but in a surprising turn of events, Lily is the one to finally kill the Governor. GOOD JOB YOU DUMB BITCH.

Best character – Daryl
* Daryl pulled some badass shit this episode. Throwing grenades like a boss and using zombies as shields and shit. BABY BOY DIXON FTW.




Now the prison is destroyed and everyone is split into different groups, which means the second half of the season will have multiple storylines going and without the safety of the prison that means more zombies.