Agents of Shield S1.E07/E08 [The Hub/The Well]

Agents of Shield S1.E07/E08 [The Hub/The Well]

Because these two articles are so late I’m going to combine these reviews.

Episode 7 – “The Hub”


This episode was full of action, suspense and a good balance of comedy to keep anyone entertained for the hour. The main focus was on a Ward and Fitz as they tried to put their differences aside in order to complete a dangerous task. The mystery surrounding their mission causes a rift in the team and the always opinionated (and intuitive) Skye notices that something doesn’t seem right. Unfortunately for her she doesn’t have the clearance and her recent betrayal doesn’t help much – forcing her to recruit Simmons for backup in hacking the SHIELD database.

Interestingly enough – the parallel between Ward/Fitz and Skye/Simmons as a team was interesting to watch. These characters are forced to work outside of their comfort zones which is entertaining to say the least – especially when Simmons shoots a guy. The comedic timing between her and Skye is perfect and I hope these two team up again.

As Simmons and Skye do their best to uncover the truth, the boys fight for their lives while finally confronting some of the issues they had with each other. Specifically with Ward aways saving the day and the inferiority complex Fitz has because of this.

In terms of moving the story along – “The Hub” accomplished this in a fluid way while adding more mystery to the show. Coulson is starting to realize that whatever is behind his resurrection is affecting him in ways that he can’t comprehend. While this is definitely the biggest WHAT THE FUCK of the show – we also learn that Skye is connected to SHIELD in more ways than she thought. All of these revelations are nice but some answers would be even better.

Episode 8 – “The Well”


This episode had a major tie-in with Thor: The Dark World. I unfortunately haven’t seen the movie and the tie-ins aren’t mind-blowing but there was some interesting character development for Ward.

I’ve always liked his character from his introduction in the first episode but it wasn’t because of his personality. His character shines when he’s involved in a high stake action sequences, but in terms of dialogue he typically falls short.

The writers aimed to fix some problems with Ward by giving us a glimpse into his tough persona while taking the character to a darker place. The main mission of this episode revolves around the search for an Asgardian staff that’s been scattered across the earth. What’s special about the staff is the power it holds within – filling whoever it touches with an uncontrollable rage; and for agent Ward this means reliving dark memories he’s worked hard to suppress.

I have to commend the writers for not being predictable and keeping things complex. It seems that the darkness that Ward feels will be apart of him for a long time and if that means a better developed character then I’m all for it. The biggest shock of the episode came at the end when it’s implied that Ward and May hooked up. This came out of no where but it makes perfect sense. These two are a lot alike, and May connected with Ward when she stood up for him and fought – teaching him that it’s okay to let others take care of him too. It seems as if we have a new love triangle forming which means more drama.