The Walking Dead S4.E07 [Dead Weight]

The Walking Dead S4.E07 [Dead Weight]


The Governor is back in full effect this week and still batshit crazy.

After running into Martinez and his crew – The Governor, Lily, Megan and Tara integrate themselves into the fold. Martinez makes it clear that he’s in charge now but we all knew he’d be dead by the end of the episode. The Governor took golfing to a whole new level by explicitly beating the shit out of him and then proceeded to toss him into a pit of walkers. Girl bye.



Now that Martinez is eliminated – the title of group leader is up for grabs. The resident “good-guy” takes charge and all I can do is shake my damn head. This guy didn’t stand a chance but his death scene helped to reinforce what kind of monster The Governor really is. There was something particularly creepy about seeing his zombified corpse reach up from below the surface of his watery grave.

Now that he has manipulated himself into a position of power – and increased the ranks of his army – The Governor is full of haterade and ready strike back on his enemies at the prison. We were introduced to a woman named Alicia who seems like she could play a bigger role in the second half of the season depending on how things play out next week. She’s really pretty so let’s hope she does. Now that some of the characters on Team Governor have been developed, it’s going to make the inevitable war with Team Prison more crucial. Instead of a dozen no-names dying that we don’t care about – there’s a high that chance some of us would be sad to see Lily, Megan or Tara bite the dust.

We end the episode with The Governor arriving to the prison – with his sights drawn on Michonne and I can’t fucking wait til next week.