The Walking Dead S4.E06 [Live Bait]

The Walking Dead S4.E06 [Live Bait]

The writers of The Walking Dead decided to troll us this week by giving the Governor an episode to himself. They’ve managed to do the impossible by adding depth to his character – making us sympathize with him even though we know he can’t be trusted.

This episode felt more a like a sequel to the season three finale – Welcome to the Tombs – picking up moments after the Governor’s massacre of his cavalry. The funniest part was seeing his reaction to finding Martinez and the other guy M.I.A. Excuse me, sir – but are you seriously surprised by this? Those guys would have to be idiots to not leave your ass behind.


When we flash forward a few months, we find the Governor down on his luck and nearing his end. He finds a family hiding out in an abandoned building and I was immediately terrified for their safety. I was 100% sure that someone would get raped and/or murdered by the guy but in a surprising turn of events he became an unlikely hero. Scavenging oxygen tanks and teaching the girls how to defend themselves against walkers while allowing them to join him after their father dies. He’s slowly building up his army again, ya’ll. We were shown a softer side of the Governor as he grew an attachment to the youngest of the tribe, forming a father-daughter bond within days of knowing each other AND banging her mom (Lilly – who I’m pretty sure is a comic book character) while the girl was literally inches away from them. One step forward and ten steps back I guess.


When the group approached a horde of walkers, the Governor goes beast mode and manages to single-handedly kill a handful of them Mortal Kombat style. I mean, he ripped out a fucking throat! FATALITY.


All seems well until Martinez shows up and we’ll have to wait until next week to see the fallout. I really like that we’ve taken a detour from the core cast to show other survivors out in the world. We know for sure that he’ll find his way back to the prison after the events of last week but we don’t know if he’s alone or if he has reinforcements at his disposal. Hopefully they find a way to end his storyline by the midseason finale instead of dragging it out into the second half.

This was actually one of the season’s strongest episodes and I have to admit – I could care less about what’s going on at the prison. I can’t tell if the Governor is on a road to redemption or if it’s all just an act and that’s what made this episode so compelling.