The Walking Dead S4.E05 [Internment]

The Walking Dead S4.E05 [Internment]

This weeks episode of The Walking Dead felt more like Grey’s Anatomy on crack. There was bloodshed galore but not anyone we could even pretend to give a fuck about – whatsoever.

There was a strong emphasis on family ties as well. Hershel and Maggie dealt with the outbreak infecting the inhabitants while Rick and Carl went beast mode on the herd of walkers on the outside.

The Greene Family

This was a Hershel centric episode – which was enough reason to believe he’d bite the dust. I’ve never had a problem with his character, but he’s been far from interesting – until now. I think we all knew that he was a badass, but to see him keep a level head as everything around him fell apart was nothing less than amazing. After watching this episode I walked away with a better understanding of Maggie’s motives as a character through watching Hershel do what he does best – save lives. These two are similar in so many ways.

As usual, Lizzie is still lurking around the cell block being super creepy. It seems as if the writers are slowly building her to an epic moment where she will eventually go Andrea on some walkers. She definitely has the potential to be a badass if she could just stop asking so many damn questions. She nearly gets her tiny face eaten off in an attempt to save Glenn’s life. Thankfully, the man of the hour – Hershel – was there to save her. In Lizzie’s defense, if she hadn’t lured the walker away Glenn would have been bitten and I would have been fine with that.


Speaking of Glenn – he and Sasha both nearly died during this episode. This would have been the perfect time to kill Glenn. His character has become stale and I think at least one of the main characters should have died in the attack for the episode to have a lasting impact. Glenn is a major character but he’s expendable, so it’s unfortunate that he survives. I actually would prefer to see Sasha stick around longer. Although her and Tyreese have received little back story, the interactions between the two gives us plenty of insight into who they are and what kind of relationship they had before the apocalypse. Tyreese is clearly the sensitive big brother while Sasha is the bossy, baby sister that we all wish would just shut the fuck up sometimes.

Rick & Carl

As Maggie and Hershel dealt with the crisis inside the prison, Rick and Carl were busy slaying the herd of walkers on the outside while managing to bond as father and son. This was the first time Carl made me NOT want to bitch slap him. All the kid ever wanted was for his dad to believe in him, and the moment Rick puts his faith in Carl – you start to view the two as a powerful duo.

If there’s one thing this episode made clear it was that the time to leave the prison is now. The fences falling down were symbolic to the fall of the society they’ve worked so hard to build.

Towards the end of the episode, things started to calm down which could only mean one thing: a super lame introduction of The Governor looking off into the distance like the fucking creeper he is. What a fucking joke.


  • We have to wait until next episode to find out how Daryl reacts to Carol’s exile and that’s total bullshit.