The Walking Dead S4.E04 [Indifference]

The Walking Dead S4.E04 [Indifference]

This week on The Walking Dead – Tyreese is growing increasingly annoying while Carol clearly doesn’t give a fuck.

Rick & Carol

With the food supply at the prison eradicated, Rick and Carol prepare to go on a mission in search of supplies. After last week’s revelation that Carol was the one behind the killings – there was a certain amount of tension behind the dialogue. It seems as if the more she spoke, the more Rick realized the Carol he knew was long gone.

It’s a welcome change of pace seeing the survivors outside the prison in squads again. While the prison has definitely served its purpose, it’s becoming clear that the group needs to look elsewhere for shelter. Until then, they are forced to loot supplies in hopes of finding medicine and food to help combat the virus that’s spreading. I personally feel that this is where TWD shines as a series – when the characters are thrust into danger as opposed to being held up somewhere, waiting for it to arrive.

The title of the episode was “Indifference” and that’s the way Rick clearly felt towards Carol. Was she right or was she out of line? How should Rick deal with this? I’d like to believe that Carol did what she thought was right, however, she didn’t have to kill Karen or David if the sickness was going to spread anyways. In her defense – they were basically already dead. This is such a complete mind fuck because I see both sides but I’m leaning more towards WTF CAROL?

When the two encounter a young duo who’ve been taking refuge in an abandoned house, Rick and Carol find it hard to agree on whether or not to integrate them into their society. I’ve never looked at Carol as a leader before until this episode, and she proved she’s more than capable of carrying the role. She takes charge when dealing with a dislocated shoulder while Rick watches on.


As a character, Carol has changed drastically from her role in season one, and that change unfortunately has lead to her being banished from the group. Rick’s decision definitely surprised me, although I think it was the necessary thing to do. It will only make her stronger and humble her in a way by teaching her that you can be strong without being a fucking bitch. I highly doubt Daryl is going to be okay with this – which could cause possible division in the group.

Daryl, Tyreese & Michonne

The other focus of the episode revolved around Daryl’s group and their search for medicine from the abandoned college. Tyreese is quickly becoming a character I love to hate while Bob is the biggest liability I’ve ever seen. He does have some qualities that make him an asset: like the fact that he’s actually smart and was able to distinguish the cracked out walkers from their counterparts. Bob also seems to have developed a bond with Daryl, but by the end of the episode the foundation is definitely on shaky ground.

The mission for meds was a success and with Rick also heading back to the prison, we’ll have to wait until next week to see the aftermath of his decision to leave Carol behind.