The Walking Dead S4.E03 [Isolation]

The Walking Dead S4.E03 [Isolation]

This weeks episode picks up where we left off last week – with Tyreese moments away from hulking out on everyone.


As he steps back into his leadership position, Rick attempts to calm Tyreese down but all Hulk wants to do is smash. This leads to a pointless dude-fight that served no purpose other than to show us that Tyreese isn’t a pussy after all. While I’m not the biggest fan of Rick – I was actually happy to see him whoop Tyreese’s ass. Maybe it’s the time jump between seasons, but I have a hard time believing Tyreese and Karens relationship was worth all of this drama. But as Ty pointed out – it was the fact that she was murdered in cold blood, which is one of the major plot points of “Isolation”.


The rest of the episode revolved around isolating those who were infected from those who weren’t. It’s a pretty fucked up situation no matter how you look at. If you go outside – YOU’RE FUCKED. If you breathe, guess what? YOU’RE FUCKED. And apparently if Carol thinks you’re a threat – well, you get super fucked.

While I have to admit that Carol is being a little ridiculous, I can’t say she is completely out of line. It just seems out of character in my opinion. While I’m aware that she is far from the meek, push over she used to be; I never knew she could be a cold hard bitch. It makes me think about her advice to Andrea in season three to kill the Governor in his sleep. RED FLAG ANYONE!!? THIS BITCH HAS CLEARLY BEEN CRAZY FOR A WHILE!!! Although, killing the Governor in his sleep would have been an act of civil duty.


With the sickness spreading throughout the prison, the need for medicine has become dire. Glenn and Sasha are among the infected, making them useless. Daryl and Michonne decide to lead a group in search of antibiotics to an abandoned veterinary college. Needless to say – that search goes to shit. On the bright side, Tyreese went beast mode on a horde of walkers with his hammer.

Other shit

  • Andrea was much better at killing walkers than Carol
  • Hershel tries to teach Carl self-control
  • Daryl and Michonne? Did I miss something??
  • Now that Sasha is sick and Tyrese has something to fight for – he’s much more interesting.