Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1.E05 [Don't Get Scorched, Ho]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1.E05 [Don’t Get Scorched, Ho]

Episode five of SHIELD was much better than episode four in every way possible. Plotlines actually have more weight to them, making things feel dire again.

We’re first introduced to a mutant with power to generate fire from his hands. Naturally, there’s a chick with crazy hair looking to capitalize on this. She lures him in by building his confidence and giving him a name – Scorch. It’s not long before her true colors are shown, because it turns out she’s on a mission to create an army of super soldiers powered by Extremis. This time, the assholes want to manipulate Scorch’s powers so that the test subjects don’t blow the fuck up.

On board “The Bus”, Skye and Ward are spending quality time playing Battleship. Remember the plotline revolving around Skye’s involvement with The Rising Tide? Well shit hits the fan much earlier than I expected and needless to say – her secret is exposed. The way it all plays out is pretty interesting so I’ll keep the spoilers to a minimal level.

It was good to see May continue on the trend of going into battle willingly. There seems to be some sexual tension between her and Coulson, but I doubt it goes any further than friendship. After Akaela’s revelation that something about Coulson is different – it seems that May is making it her priority to watch his back.

I have to say that I fucking love this show. The introductions are usually cheesy but they always find a way to bring it home by the end of each episode. It’s also great to see the team building trust with each other, even if one of the members have severely damaged that trust.