Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1.E04 [Psychic Terminator]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1.E04 [Psychic Terminator]

In its fourth episode, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’s lacked some of the spark that made the first three entries so appealing. Not to say that this was bad episode, it was just a little forced.

We begin the episode following a mysterious woman as she stalks a group of goofy idiots wearing red masks. When she boards a subway, destroys the fuse box and kills damn near everyone – we realize she’s our villain of the week. She turns out to be a former protege of Phil Coulson, Akaela Amador, who went rogue after her last mission resulted in the death of two agents.

On the surface it seems as if Akela possesses psychic abilities of some kind, but the episode later reveals that she was also under the control of an unknown organization; turning her into their own personal Terminator. After realizing this, Coulson sets out to rescue his former protege much to the disliking of Agent May – who takes matters into her own hands by engaging in a pretty badass catfight with Amador. It seems that the source of Akaela’s mind control is behind her eye (where a fail safe was placed if she disobeyed – guaranteeing her death).

As Fitz-Simmons prep for surgery, Ward and Skye focus on creating a distraction for the team while Coulson searches or the person behind Akaela’s mind control. It’s good to see the agents work on their team development and the parallels between Coulson’s relationship with Akaela versus Skye were uncanny. When Coulson shows that he feels regret because of the path Akaela chose – it’s Sky who reassures him that people’s choices are their own. Feeling pretty guilty Skye? WELL, YOU SHOULD.

Akaela was definitely an intense villain and I initially found her hard to sympathize with, but the more she spoke and let her guard down – the ruthless persona seemed to fade away.

This was definitely my least favorite episode so far but now that she show has been picked up for a full season of 22 episodes – there should be plenty of time for it to grow.