Eastbound & Down S4.E02 [Blood, Sugar, Sex and Magik]

Eastbound & Down S4.E02 [Blood, Sugar, Sex and Magik]

“I can feel my little dick getting hard already.”

Stevie Janowski returns in the second episode of Eastbound & Down’s final season, making it hands down the best episode of the series.

I was literally laughing my ass off from the first five minutes when we’re finally shown what Stevie has been up to.  He is now the father of four mexican kids and still married to Maria.  They are either the worst parents of all time or these kids are the actual spawns of Satan. When one of them decides he wants boxed cereal instead of bagged, Stevie attempts to put his foot down only to be called a dick licker–by all of his kids. When the pressure of his credit card being declined and using food stamps becomes too much to handle, Stevie bolts out of the store screaming like a fool.


After deciding he’s ready to step back into the public spotlight, Kenny pays a visit to old friend, Guy Young. This fool is so 80’s/90’s swag and I can’t handle it. Listening to CASANOVA by LeVert??? Fucking perfect. I would love at least one hit of whatever the writer’s on this show are smoking.. When Kenny explains to Guy that he just needs a chance to win over the public, guy offers him a spot on his show--Sport Sesh.

Next up for Kenny? Recruiting Stevie back into the fold– because every celebrity needs an assistant and apparently four mexican kids is the equivalent to two white kids. Stevie is his own boss now, with his own responsibilities; causing him to decline Kenny’s offer at a “better” life. When Kenny starts breaking anything he can get his hands on, Stevie starts issuing threats. I’m not sure it’s even possible to take a threat from Stevie Janowski seriously. The argument ends with Kenny breaking Stevies chandelier and all I can say is LOL.

Needless to say, the show ends up being a disaster. Kenny literally sat there while a piece of shit idiot butt raped him all over the stage. THE KENNY POWERS I KNOW WOULD NOT STAND FOR THIS KIND OF ABUSE, WHAT THE FUCK? It’s clear that Kenny is very much un-self aware, but seeing him defenseless and weak was hard to watch. Thankfully, with some help from Stevie, our hero finds a way to awaken the badass within. Kenny ditches the cowboy attire for some modern day swag, poised and ready to rip someones fucking head off.

Round two belonged to Kenny. April’s surprise appearance helps him  to exert confidence from the moment he knocks the ball out of Dontel’s hands. I couldn’t have been more proud. Kenny basically reclaims his thrown as a badass motherufcker when he runs a verbal train up and down Dontel’s ass. Na na na na na na? How about yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah motherfucker.

I liked that this episode found a way to glorify the worst qualities of Kenny, because those are ironically his best.