You're Next [2013] Review

You’re Next [2013] Review

Good horror movies come a dime a dozen. I’ve always been a huge fan of horror and this movie has all the best elements of the genre. However, I’m not a fucking idiot and most horror movies these days are straight up trash. It seems like most directors rely on old tactics for a generation that’s seen it all before. In my opinion, the best horror movies are the ones that know exactly what fears to play on and You’re Next is a prime example. Sure, there are elements that seem familiar and are definitely throwbacks to the classics that came before, but in this movie’s case it works.


You’re Next is that rare horror film that’s clearly  influenced by movies like Friday the 13th, Halloween and even The Strangers, while still adding something fresh and new to the genre. Two of the best recent horror films, Scream and The Cabin in the Woods, use this execution flawlessly to reinvent. The film is set in an old, spooky mansion; and while the setting is nothing new, this movie manages to bring the fun back to being scared out of your fucking mind. The thing I enjoyed most about Scream was its use of setting, particularly in the third act party scene. You’re Next sets up the clichés and knocks them down effortlessly. I haven’t even spoke of Erin yet.


Ah, Erin. I love your beautiful, yet strong face. I’m not sure how every dude in this family could be such a fucking pussy, but Erin proved she had the biggest dick of them all. The film doesn’t waste any time in letting us know what kind of antagonists we’ll be dealing with when we see the image of a mask-wearing motherfucker who is not fucking around. They could be seen as over-the-top but I think they were important to establishing a familiar tone.

The family isn’t the most interesting cast of characters, but I thoroughly enjoyed the dynamic between the siblings. Something about it was very relatable, and it’s through the dialogue that we get to know who these people are. I will say that this movie had, hands down, the best conversation about commercials, ever. What looked like a normal family dinner was overshadowed by the tension built up from the first scene. We knew shit would hit the fan, it was just a matter of when.


It isn’t until the family is assaulted with crossbow-bolts that we see the extent of Erin’s badassery. She transforms into a hybrid of Laurie Strode, Sidney Prescott, Sarah Connor and Ripley–all into one badass, beautiful, axe wielding warrior. We learn that there is more to this girl than meets the eye, and we slowly see that she is a survivalist by nature. After the family members prove they won’t be any kind of help whatsoever, the movie turns into a cat and mouse chase. Always staying one step ahead, Erin dispatches of her enemies one by one. Her resume of skills is a little ridiculous, but I’m digging it so hard. She set up traps, shanked a few motherfuckers, and basically did plenty of badass shit. This is the new Scream Queen, ladies and gentlemen, and if you disagree you can fight me about it.

The ending was definitely a surprise, and I won’t give away the twist, but I definitely would recommend this film to anyone who has a love for the genre.


  • Originality
  • Interesting heroine
  • Music was amazing
  • Setting was creepy
  • I actually screamed out loud once or twice
  • Surprise ending


  • None, go see this fucking movie.