True Blood S6.E10 [Deus Ex Billith]

True Blood S6.E10 [Deus Ex Billith]

Season six, episode 10 of True Blood was pretty much what you would expect from a  finale. The first half wraps up the season while the second sets up next year flawlessly. A fan favorite gets lit up and we find ourselves back home where we began.

Saving Sookie

We pick up with Sookie and Alcide flirting hardcore until they’re interrupted by the day walking vamps fresh off their escape from camp. There’s terrible dancing and bad acting all over the place but I get the point: they’re extremely wasted. Bill is reeling over his loss of power and trying to deal with the guilt he feels towards Sookie.

Sookie finds Jason in the midst of getting fed on by Violet, who flips shit when Sookie appears until Jason reassures her they are just siblings. This bitch is fucking crazy and has huge ears but I like her. She even makes out with Sookie because it’s a European thing. Jason compares his feelings for Violet to Sookie’s feelings for Bill, but she retorts with a warning to protect his heart. The next scene shows Violet completely owning Jessica in volleyball and all I could think was damn bitch it’s just a game.

Pam’s buzz has worn off and Eric’s melodramatic exit is worrying her. She chooses to go after him, parting ways with Tara and Willa. Tara lashes out, claiming they are the worst makers ever and I agree. It’s selfish in a way because Pam has spent over 100 years with Eric, and only a few weeks with her own fucking progeny. Why does she feel the need to run after him every fucking chance she gets? Give the dude some damn alone time. Shit. Tara has pretty much been her own goddamn maker for the most part, and for a baby vamp she has shown the most self-control compared to Jessica’s early days. So see ya later, Pam. By all means, go be emo with Eric, we don’t give a fuck. Just kidding, please come back.

Back on the fairy plane, Warlow has decided to go Chris Brown on Sookie. He didn’t like that she went back on their deal or her proposition of dating first. It turns out that this motherfucker was the evil son of a bitch that we all assumed he was from the beginning. The moment he slapped her I wanted him dead. I didn’t care how or who did it, I just wanted him off the fucking show.

When Bill realizes that Sookie is going to be turned, he and Jason form a front consisting of Andy, Adilyn, and Violet to go rescue her. True Blood is at its best when the characters are unified against one threat because at the end of the day they’re like a bootleg version of the X-Men. This season has really made me like Andy a lot more, and I think the decision to give him a fairy daughter has made him less of a douche.

The team formed a plan that involved Adilyn transporting them to the plane via her light, which allowed Bill to attack Warlow. This gave Jason a chance to shoot Sookies chains, allowing Violet to grab her and escape. Bill vouched to stay behind and got his ass kicked, hoping the rest could get Sookie to safety. As Andy stands guard outside Sookie’s house, Warlow arrives and quickly dominates everyone that stands between him and Sookie. When he finally finds her hiding in her bathroom, it was pretty obvious that Niall was about to show up but I was still excited to see that old bastard nonetheless. He grabs Warlow from the other dimension, giving Jason the chance to finally kill the fucker. I’m especially glad that it was Jason because I think he needed that kill a little more than Sookie or Niall. He needed to prove that he could step up to the plate when it matters most. At the beginning of the season I felt that his character was nothing more than a joke but he’s come a long way.




Warlow’s death sets off a chain reaction that removes all of the vampire’s abilities to day walk; so when we see Eric sitting on top of a mountain in Sweden–naked and reading a book– we know he’s fucked. He bursts into flames and we’re left to believe he’s dead. But let’s be serious, the main characters never die on True Blood. Not in super goofy ways at least. So while I’m not sure how he’s going to get out of the situation, I’m not convinced at all that he’s dead. He will more than likely stop, drop and roll his ass down the mountain–or Pam will show up since she won’t ignite as fast as him–being a younger vampire.


I wonder how many fans reacted this way when they saw Eric burn.

Six Months Later


In the second half of the episode we time jump six months into the future. Bill has become a best-selling author of a book: And God Bled, basically detailing everything he did as Billith, including decapitating Gov. Truman Burrell. When asked if he was afraid of being put on trial, he replied that no jury would convict him due to the fucked up shit Burrell has done. The scene transitions to Sookie laying on her couch watching her ex beau on TV. Out of nowhere, Alcide walks in and these two are officially a couple. It’s about fucking time that she hooked up with someone who is actually alive. I still think she should be with Bill in the end, but for now Alcide should get the job done.


Alcide and Sookie aren’t the only changes happening around Bon Temps: Sam has become the new mayor and has come up with a plan to save the town from the hordes of infected vampires headed their way. It seems that HEP V has mutated over the months but is still not harmful to humans, guaranteeing their safety from the virus but not from being murdered. Sam proposed the notion of entering into a monogamous feeding relationship so that the healthy vampires can protect the humans from the infected vampires. This actually makes a lot of sense and provides the show with a way of cutting back on so many story-lines and focusing on one central threat: crack head vampires.

The episode ends with the crack head vampires arriving in Bon Temps ready to fuck some shit up. At first there were five, and then I lost count; so we can expect a bloodbath during next year’s premiere. Although this finale wasn’t nearly as amazing as last years, it was still pretty fucking good. This season was a return to form for True Blood and it’s good to see everyone back home in Bon Temps again.

See you next year, bitches.

Other Shit:

  • Tara has found closure with her mom.
  • Violet should really break Jason off a piece of that ass.
  • Jessica has vouched to protect Andy and Adilyn to in attempt to atone for her sins.

Artwork by Mike Wrobel []