True Blood S6.E09 [Fortress of Emotude]

True Blood S6.E09 [Fortress of Emotude]

In the penultimate episode of season six, True Blood gave us another solid entry that slows the pace down while still moving the plot forward. Eric is clearly not giving a fuck, Bill is talking mass amounts of shit, and I’m pretty sure Tara just went ‘Call of Duty’ on some cases of TruBlood.


This episode was appropriately titled ‘Life Matters’ for obvious reasons: the funeral of the late Terry Bellefleur and the total disregard for life happening over at Vamp Camp. I originally thought that Terry’s death was nothing more than a cop-out if he was the only “main character” we lose this season. At this point it doesn’t really matter anymore because after seeing his flashbacks I realized I liked Terry much more than I thought. We got to see some of his first interactions with characters such as Sam, Sookie and Lafayette. I was literally on the floor laughing when Lafayette taught Terry how to cook fries like a diva.

While I understand that most people think way too much emphasis was placed on Terry’s funeral, claiming this episode could be seen as filler, I would have to respectfully disagree and call those people idiots. This season has been consistently wild, funny, campy and straight up good. Damn near every episode has been packed with mass amounts of plot yet this is the one where we actually get to breathe for a bit and reflect. This is necessary on a show like True Blood when we can get so easily caught up in the craziness, we forget that these deaths and all these tragedies do have effects on the town and the people who call it home. I think some of the series’ better episodes are the ones that focus more on the interactions between the characters because without those moments then what’s the point? This episode was far from a filler, if anything it was one the series best. Two strong story-lines where one focuses on the depth and meaning of life, while the other examines the darker side to this world the characters live in.

Vamp Camp

After arriving to the fairy realm where Warlow is being kept, Bill and Sookie discover that Eric has already beaten them to the punch. Realizing that Warlow is in no shape to help Bill, Sookie refutes her offer to help.


Because he loves being a dick, Bill resorts to threatening Sookie’s life in order to earn Warlows cooperation, but it seems that he forgot one thing: Sookie is super fairy princess powerful boss bitch now and zaps his hating ass out of their dimension. Check and mate, good sir.

When he arrives at Vamp Camp only to find dismembered body parts spread before him, he realizes Eric has pretty much raped everybody. After finding one of the doctors lying in a pool of blood and dick-less, Bill finishes him off by stomping his head in. Flawless Victory.

I like that Bill has basically been an asshole the entire season; instead of reverting back to his old self because that would have been predicable. Meanwhile, Eric finds Jason after freeing all of the crazy ass vampires, and gives him his blood in hopes that he can lead him to Pam and the others. Jason might as well be a fairy because the vampires are all over his dick. When the two head out, they pass Sarah Newlins bitch ass (who was hiding in a pile of dead bodies) which allows her to make an attempt to burn some motherfuckers. When Eric comes across the fat bastard who had sex with his progeny, he saves the kill for Pam instead. Eric is probably the best character on the show, so there’s not much I can really say. He’s doing baller-ass-things as usual and it never gets old. However, it’s Bill who saves the day.

After finally losing all traces of her sanity, Sarah manages to get the ceiling open, hoping the sun will burn all our favorite vamps; except for the fact that Bill is lying down there like a pimp, getting chomped on as if he were a buffet. How logical and necessary this scene was is definitely up for debate but I feel like he had to give them his blood if they wanted to get the fuck out of there. Maybe it didn’t have to be done in such an epic fashion, but this is a goddamn television show that has Fairy Vampires so fuck off.

Bill has given Tara, Pam, Violet, James, and Jessica the ability to day walk and they’re all vampire-wasted. In a moment that looked as if Bill’s time on earth had run out, Jessica and James rescue him by feeding him the same blood they had just ingested. This is followed by a victory parade and that basically ends with vampires going bat shit on all of the cases of TruBlood. Tara with the machine gun was fucking hilarious and it’s nice to see her even if she has been underused this season. We also see that some cases of infected TruBlood have started making their way across the globe. This could be set up for next season.

We end the episode with Eric and Pam staring deeply at each other moments before Eric goes off to the Fortress of Emotude (I wish I could take credit for this but that goes to my friend, K, who has much more wit than I do). WHERE IS HE GOING? WILL HE COME BACK? HIS OUTFIT IS PRETTY COOL.


tumblr_mrekesnAJb1qfqcq8o6_250Girl, bye.

Other shit

  • Sarah Newlin got away because life matters, you guys. But honestly, all of our faces looked like this:982f22db0269f1a4_football_fan_cry_gif.xxxlarge
  • Steve Newlin died and it was fantastic
  • Terry can R.I.P. but let’s pray we don’t see his ghost possessing Lafayette anytime soon.