True Blood S6.E08 [Dead Meat]

True Blood S6.E08 [Dead Meat]

This is easily the best season of True Blood, mainly because I fucking said so.


The eighth episode of this season, ‘Dead Meat’, was pretty much another solid entry from the writers. The argument between Bill and Eric was fucking hilarious and intense. Eric is pissed that Bill failed to bring Warlow in an attempt to save Nora. But do we really miss Nora that much? Hell no, we don’t and neither does Bill.


I’ve been pretty hard on Alcide this season, but he hasn’t done anything worth noting until this episode. His story-line was actually interesting and after Rikki channels her inner psycho bitch, she challenges Alcide for the role of Pack-master. He pretty much beats her ass, a little too much in my opinion, but she put up a semi good fight. She shouldn’t have been talking shit.

Alcide wins, but loses his pack in order to save the lives of Nicole and her mother. He returns them both back to Sam, and now they’re best shifters for life. It’s good to see Sam back at Merlotte’s. He and Nicole are also expecting a mini shape shifter and conveniently Sookie decides to reveal her feelings to Sam. If there was a problem with this episode, then this would be it. It felt forced and out of character. I’ve given up on the idea of Sam and Sookie, but the way things are going my money is still on Bill.


Jason is getting to know his knew vampire pimp, Violet. She is keeping Jason alive and safe from the other crazy bitches. We get to know a little of her back-story and she tells him she respects the sanctity of marriage, but feeding on someone against their will is totally fine. This bitch is crazy but I like her. While Tara, Pam, Willa and Jessica plot a way to rescue Jason from her clutches, they eventually let it slip that they aren’t drinking the True Blood due to the Hep V. This places all the vamps we care about (along with James and Steven Newlin), with the exception of Bill and Eric, all in the same room from Bill’s vision.


Sarah Newlin and Ms. Suzuki have bloody cat fight to the death. After discovering that something sketchy was going on at the facility, Suzuki knees Sarah in her ovaries, and Super Bitch Mode has activated. The fight ends with Sarah on top and in a much darker place. She actually looked sad at the horror she had just committed, yet now that she’s had a taste of killing who knows how far she will go? She may actually be one of the better villains the show has had; at least compared to Steve’s run in season two. She makes the Fellowship of the Sun look like pussy ass bitches.


Sookie, Bill & Eric

Warlow agrees to help Bill, but only if Sookie agrees to become his vampire bride. At first I thought there was no chance in hell the show would go this route, but after her confrontation with Bill and her tearful ‘fuck you’ to her parents, it looks like Sookie is going to the dark side. I just don’t want Warlow to be her maker if this does happen. I always assumed that if Sookie would be turned, Bill or Eric would have to be her maker, and it would be a last resort to save her life. I never thought it would happen out of free will. Even though she doesn’t have a choice if she wants to save Tara and Jessica.


Eric is lurking around the cemetery waiting for his chance to enter the realm where Warlow is being kept. After finding Adilyn getting her freak on, he chases her down in an attempt to drink her blood. He succeeds but only takes what he needs from her and lets her live. In the final moments, Bill and Sookie arrive in the fairy realm only to find Warlow nearly drained by none other than Eric.

Only two episodes left and I can’t fucking wait to see what this season’s endgame will be.