True Blood S6.E07 [Bloody Eyes]

True Blood S6.E07 [Bloody Eyes]


After last week’s injection of you’re fucked; Eric, Nora and Willa are in route to get the fuck out of Vamp Camp. Realizing that Pam, Tara and Jessica are still in the dark in regards to the poisoned TruBlood, Willa vouches to stay behind while Eric heads to Billiths as a last resort. The rest of the scene trades dialogue for action and we get to see more of the heroic, bad ass, Eric that we all love. This fool is super smooth and has swag even when he’s snapping necks.

Most fans’ hate Nora and I could do with or without her. I remember liking her particularly after her role in the season five finale. Regardless of the weird sibling sex, Eric and Nora made a pretty good team when she wasn’t being a shady bitch. While Eric tries to heal Nora via Billith’s blood, Willa sneaks her way back into Gen Pop after some sisterly advice from Pam. That advice was to keep the poisoned TruBlood a secret from the majority of the vampires; thus preventing the humans from catching on.


Sarah Newlin’s ol’ bitch ass finds the recently decapitated Burrell and Super Bitch Mode is in full effect. Hide yours kids, hide your wives because this bitch is borderline insane and nobody is safe. She comes up with a scheme to cover up his death, just long enough to bring his plan into action. It seems a little convenient, but most things on this show are so I’m not going to complain too much. It’s pretty clear who the Big Bad is now, although I was 100% sure it would be Warlow. But there are still three episodes left, so this vamp camp shit could very well get wrapped up next episode, leaving the last two as set up for next year.

After most likely getting knocked up, Sookie hears Arlene crying in the cemetery. Knowing something is wrong, she teleports back instantly. It really shows how disconnected Sookie has been from the rest of Bon Temps, and Terry’s death is doing more for the show than I thought it would. At least in terms of getting the old gang back together. It’s happening, but slowly. Bill arrives to the Bellefleur manor and shit gets pretty weird. Thankfully, Arlene was wasted so she broke the ice pretty quick. Bill pays his respects to both Arlene and Andy, but I feel as though he owes Andy a bit more than that bullshit excuse of an apology. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO RECOGNIZES THAT BILL PRETTY MUCH KILLED HIS OWN GRANDDAUGHTERS? I know it was Jessica, but it was still Bills idea to lure them to his house and drain their goddamn blood.



The episode ends with Eric’s attempt to save Nora with Billith’s blood failing. One of the things I love most about True Blood is the use of flashbacks. Everything looks extremely detailed even when the scenes are less than ten minutes. It’s crazy to think how long Eric has been around, not to mention all of the shit hes probably seen. The scene, which took place in 1665, shows when Eric first encountered Nora lying on her death bed. This scene in particular mirrored their final goodbye in the present. In the end, her final moments on earth end with her body turning into a pile of vampire shit and girrrrrrrrrrl bye!

This was a good episode but I’m tired of this Vamp Camp shit. I’m ready for some backwoods terror, voodoo, creepy monsters and shit. Bring everyone back to Bon Temps, now.

Other shit

  • Sam banged Nicole and found out about Terry.
  • Nicole and her mother were kidnapped by Alcide’s pack of idiots
  • Jessica threw Jason on the back burner and instead fucked James.
  • Pam is looking pretty hot
  • Jason gets thrown into Female Gen Pop, and mysterious vampire lady lays claim to him.
  • Tara is probably going to die because she only had one line this episode and I’m pissed.
  • Bill needs Warlow and Sookie to come with him to rescue Tara, Pam, Jessica and whoever the fuck else