True Blood S6.E06 [Buckwild]

True Blood S6.E06 [Buckwild]

Shit is getting wild, but in a good way.

We pick up with Lafayette drowning the shit out of Sookie. Feeling her fear, Bill allows Warlow to rescue her. Within seconds he’s tossing Lafayette like a rag doll and already using stupid adjectives to express his so-called love for Sookie. When Lafayette –still possessed by Sookie’s father– comes marching out of the woods screaming “She’ll never be yours!” Warlow goes in for the kill. Sookie is able to prevent this and informs him that Lafayette has no control over his actions. She suggests blasting her father’s spirit out via fairy light and it gets the job done. I don’t think Sookie or anyone could have predicted that her quest for answers would lead to her to almost dying at the hands of her own father (or his spirit). This isn’t the same Sookie from seasons past, though, and she rightfully tells him to stay the fuck out of her life, for good.

After catching Lafayette up on Warlow’s abilities, he is summoned by Bill. Knowing that Lilith wants him dead, Sookie decides to teleport the two of them to the last fairy safe haven she knows: the graveyard Claudine first took her to back in season three. After talking for a bit, because they are apparently best buddies now, Warlow suggest that Sookie tie his hands (and bind them with light) to a nearby tombstone, so that he can prevent himself from hurting her when the night falls. This should have been the first clue that things were about to get kind of –if not extremely– kinky.


The Vampires

Meanwhile, Eric and Pam show that their bond is much deeper than their captors could have imagined. The wonder twins activate and chaos ensues. The two quickly dispatch of the guards aiming at them via the walls, followed by a tag team assault ending with one of the guards being staked through the window. FUCKING EPIC AND I’M SORRY FOR EVER DOUBTING YOU, ERIC. This was the first time Pam has actually had some action other than talking a lot of shit (which she is amazing at); but she’s every bit as savage as her maker and that’s a good thing.

After seeing Jessica being taken away, Jason has decided to sign up for the LAVTF. I don’t really feel like saying what that stands for but they are the Fuck You Crew. All it takes is a dash of ignorance and touch of racism and he’s in. He’s much smarter than I give him credit for. I’m sure it was very hard for him to act so out of character.

After his victory earlier in the episode, Eric is placed in a cage and forced to watch a strand of “Hepatitis V” be injected into his sister, Nora. She’s fucked now, and Eric realizes that if there was ever a moment to break out now would be the time. He summons Willa, who has been placed in general population by request, and Tara gives her some handy advice when it comes to dealing with the guards and their glamor-proof contact lenses: rip those fuckers out. It turns out that baby vamp Willa would be the hero we needed. She moves through the facility with ease and makes her way back to Eric, allowing herself to free him and Nora.


Back at the Bellfleur residence, Andy finally names his daughter. Adilyn Braylyn Charlaine Danica was the name chosen to honor her dead sisters, and it was a heartfelt moment seeing her smile, knowing she’d always carry them with her. I’m hoping she makes it to next season because I don’t think killing her will be necessary. Plus, she’s nice to look at. This is True Blood, though, so she’s probably fucked anyway. After this moment of happiness, things take a darker turn when Terry shows up to Lafayette’s (who was in the middle of rolling a blunt) offering him the key to his safety deposit box. Knowing something shady is going on, LaLa gives Arlene a call. Holly suggests to Arlene that maybe glamoring Terry’s troubles away would be the solution. She has vampire by the name of Matt, glamor Terry and it looks as if all is right in the world. This immediately placed all of Terry’s burdens on us as viewers because we knew the ability to call off the assassination was taken away from him.

The next day at Merlottes, he goes to take out the trash and it’s obvious these are his final moments because seeing Terry so happy to take out the trash was strange and off-putting. A gunshot is heard and the next thing we see is him bleeding from the neck, only to die peacefully in Arlene’s arms. This death was done well, but if this is the shows idea of a major character dying, then that’s straight up bullshit and false advertising. Terry’s death doesn’t impact the series in a major way at all. He’s be around since the beginning but it’s the sixth season and someone important really needs to fucking die.



When Bill realizes Jessica is missing he knows that his visions are coming true. He determines that in order for him to visit Lilith again, he’ll have to be drained of almost all of his blood, placing him in a comatose state once again. He gets into an argument with the bitch and she basically tells him to fuck off. She does give him some cryptic advice by saying: “The tyrant took your progeny, the blonde took our salvation”. What this does is help him to realize who his true enemy is: Governor Burrell. After waking up, Bill decides it’s time to ingest the blood extracted from Warlow and heads off into the sun, completely unaffected.

When we see Governor Burrell again, he’s reading the bible and smiling like a clown outside his mansion. When Bill comes strolling into the backyard, he quickly reveals that he’s a vampire and all hell breaks loose. He uses his telekinesis to manipulate the guards into shooting themselves, leaving only him and Burrell to face off. After Burrell reveals his motives of exterminating the vampire race, Bill starts to bite him. “Cut off the head, another one will grow in its place” says Burrell in which Bill replies: “AND I’LL RIP THAT FUCKING HEAD OFF TOO“. Check and mate, good sir.


This episode ends with Sookie and Warlow. She explains that the worst thing about being a fairy is hearing all the shitty opinions people have of you. Sookie seems to be coming into the realization that maybe she likes being a “danger whore” and there’s nothing wrong with that. Sookie, I kind of fucking love you. I don’t trust Warlow still, but if she feels like she needs that dick then by all means, mount that shit! There’s no possible way it’s going to end good, but that’s never stopped her before. She removes his pants and damn near all of her clothes, minus the boots, and literally fucks the pain away. A light emerges between the two and I’m convinced she is now the host of a Vampire/Fairy/Human spawn of death.

Other shit

  • Sam returned Emma to her grandma. Alcide is wasting screen time and Nicole is still alive. These scenes feel more like popcorn breaks, so for that I’m grateful.
  •  Jason was forced to watch a copulation study of Jessica and new vampire, James. This was a whole new level of sadistic, especially for Sarah Newlin. Luckily, James is a good dude and despite the constant UV rays he still respected Jessica and would not perform. The look on Jason’s face was enough to make me realize that maybe he really does love Jessica after all.
  • Eric discovered that the new TruBlood’s are being mixed with Hep V
  • Sookie seems to be entertaining the idea of spending eternity with Warlow and I pray this show doesn’t go the Twilight route.