True Blood S6.E05 [Fuck The Pain Away]

True Blood S6.E05 [Fuck The Pain Away]


The fifth episode of this season was by far the worst episode thus far. This is mainly because last week’s episode, “At Last”, was so damn good. In fact I’m about to watch it again to erase the memory of this lame ass episode. This review will be a bit shorter due its tardiness and the lackluster events that took down. There were things I disliked, but not everything was bad. Pam is quickly becoming a favorite character of mine, so seeing her get her Tony Soprano on was amazing in itself.

Benlow & Billith

We pick up with Sookie, still in defense mode and highly pissed off, holding Ben at bay with her fairy bomb. The bullshit starts to pour out of his mouth and I swear to god we do not need another vampire love interest for Sookie. Excuse me, sir, but take your goofy–stupid looking face– and kindly remove yourself from this television show. Your accent is terrible and inconsistent at best. In a not-so-surprising twist, it’s revealed that Bill has dominion over Benlow due to drinking the blood of Lilith. This is the donor he needs to synthesize the fae blood; and apparently gives Bill a reason to talk more, which is never good. We flashback to the night Lilith first appeared to Ben, but she’s not as bloody as we’ve come to expect although her bush is looking extremely fertilized. She goes on about how God told her of a creature like Ben and so they must fuck like wild animals in his honor. Where exactly did they get the wigs for this shit? It seriously looks like a fucking bird nest is on his head. What the fuck is happening?

Lilith eventually turns Benlow, making him the first Vampire-Fae hybrid and super self-loathing. Much like Willa, he goes back to his family but his vampire side ultimately took over, making the urge to kill impossible to fight back. We don’t actually see the massacre, but we do get a glimpse of a young Niall. Unfortunately, it all felt lackluster regardless.


Sookie goes to Lafayette who calls her out immediately upon her entrance: “WHAT YOU DOIN?? I KNOW IT AINT WORK!!” LOL Can Lafayette please get a spin off? Like, now? He could be like a gay Miss Cleo and it would be epic.

After setting up the necessary items, Lafayette taps into his power to summon the spirits of Norbit & Michelle Stackhouse. This goes wrong because honestly when has it not? Lafayette is more of a liability when it comes to being possessed mainly because he’s still learning to control it, but that doesn’t make seeing him throw Sooks in the trunk any less annoying. It looks like papa Stackhouse is a fucking asshole because he’s instantly focused on finishing what he started. Rude.

Lafayette eventually finds the creepiest creek around to baptize–or drown– Sookie. This is where the episode ends but hardly is it the climax. That belonged to Eric and Pam.


After draining all four of Andy’s daughters, Jessica runs to the only other place she can: Jason’s. Her timing is a bit off, though, because he just got done having sex with Sarah Newlin, and they definitely made up for lost time. Jessica played the high/drunk angle really well, especially when you see her internal struggle with trying to understand the possibility of Bill being God versus the possibility of him being the Devil.

Sarah Newlin appears and all hell breaks loose. Within seconds, Jessica is ready to rip her throat out only to be blasted by a verse from the bible. It’s as if Jessica was appalled or something by this bitch. I kind of liked that Sarah stood her ground, even if she is trash. Moments before Jessica goes in for the kill, Sarah resends her invitation and has her arrested. I guess you’re fucked now.

Eric & Pam

After Pam’s capture last week, Tara finds Eric and the two of them form a plan to get captured themselves. All the pieces to Bill’s vision are coming into fruition. After being taken to camp, the duo is eventually separated only to participate in what I can only assume is a Vampire Battle Royale. What the fuck am I watching? WHY ISN’T ERIC RIPPING EVERYONE’S HEAD OFF? I’M SO CONFUSED.

Tara has also failed at her mission in finding Pam, because the next time we see her she’s just hanging around living the prison life. Jessica shows up and instantly clings to Tara. When Jess decides she doesn’t want her food, the other vamp bitches flock like fucking vultures towards her, but Tara steps in all like “I BEEN WAITIN’ TO FUCK SHIT UP, JUST TRY ME BITCHES”. I enjoy the dynamic between these two. Specifically in the way Tara looks after Jessica as if she were a sister. They meet a mysterious vampire who I expect will be around for a few more episodes at the least, so we will see where that goes. It’s obvious that whoever this bitch is, she’s an older vampire. She commanded respect in the same way that Eric did when he walked into his holding cell. It seemed effortless, and everyone knew not to fuck with her.

During all of this, Pam is getting adjusted to therapy life. She’s been provided an incentive to talk about her feelings and motivations in attempt to help the humans learn more about their prisoners. She explains the dynamic of the maker-progeny bond, and comes off particularly bitter when speaking of Eric; and she doesn’t even know about Willa yet.

These scenes with Pam were entertaining because out of all the characters, she’s definitely the most guarded. Therefore, any chance we get to see her open up a bit only makes me like her more. She doesn’t talk much but when she does you get a sense that Pam is extremely wise and a realist. What I was most interested in was learning about the mentality of vampires when they nest and how as unit, they could become extremely powerful. I wonder if by the end of the season there will be some kind of uprising in the camp due to the vamps nesting for so long.

Eric finds himself once again under the cross-hairs of the Governor, and the look upon his face when he finds out that Willa has been taken prisoner is troubling. His arrogance quickly shifts to caution because his one and only plan has failed. He seriously believed that turning Willa would make Burrell stop his persecution of vampires, but it’s only fueled the fire. Burrell’s counter to this? Make Eric fight his progeny to the death. Karma is a bitch, good sir.

Other Shit

  • Alcide sucks in so many ways
  •  Only one of Andy’s girls survived
  • Terry has super creepy friend who is totally okay with killing him