True Blood S6.E04 [Fireball of Death]

True Blood S6.E04 [Fireball of Death]


Season six, episode four of True Blood answered many questions while raising more. Instead of bullshitting around, the writers have reminded us all why we tune in for this shit every year. This is what happens when an episode is not only done right, but executed in a way that proves this show could very well last for another year or two if the quality remains this consistent. “At Last” was the perfect title of this episode for two reasons: Warlow’s reveal and Sookie’s transformation into the badass we knew she was. Minor details make this episode feel like a throwback to the first episode of the series and that’s a good thing. True Blood is coming full circle so it’s nice to be reminded of how far we’ve come. This episode even sprinkled in some gayness with the sound of Miguel’s “Adorn” playing in the background.

The three main plot-lines all had major WHAT THE FUCK moments so I’ll save the best for last. Don’t expect much analysis of Alcide/Sam’s storylines because they fucking suck. Sorry.


Bill, Jessica & the Faeries

Over at the Bellefleur residence, Terry is slowly reverting back to his cracked out self while Andy’s quadruplets take pleasure in pointing out his craziness; and also reminding him he’s a killer. Arlene comes in for the rescue while Andy puts the demon spawns to bed. Moments later and they’re 18 years old, comparing bust sizes. They make a collective decision to go party before they wake up 30 years old. I’m curious as to how the rapid-aging process works. Do they eventually stop aging so goddamn fast or will they be 90 years old by the end of the season? I guess I won’t have to wonder because by the looks of things these girls won’t be making it to next episode.

Bill is still holding Mr. Takahashi prisoner in hopes that he can synthesize the fae blood much like he did with human blood/true blood. The professor makes it clear that it’s impossible and when he starts to talk out of line, Bill goes Billith on his ass. He uses those crazy telekinetic powers to hoist him in the air asserting his dominance once again. LOL!! You aren’t going anywhere, boss.

When Andy’s girls get a little too restless they decide to opt out of the Compton Manor of Crazy. Jessica would rather drain these bitches than face Bill, so she loses control and helps herself to an all you can eat fairy buffet. And just in time, too, because Andy is closing in on Bill’s bullshit. I never comprehended this but Andy’s daughters are the great grandchildren of Bill technically, making this even more fucked up.



After being summoned by Pam, Tara arrives covered in shit while being on Eric’s last nerve. While Tara drowns out Pam’s commands, she’s powerless against the strength of a 1,000 year old vampire. She ultimately gives up Willa’s whereabouts, but his approach to dealing with Tara only widened the gap between him and Pam. I wish they could find more things for Tara to do instead of saying “fuck you” every episode to Eric. I’m starting to realize that I liked her more as a human. At least she was more than just a sidekick. However, she usually goes beast mode whenever they need a hero the most so I’ll be patient.

After catching up to a patiently waiting, instead of frantically fleeing Willa, Eric decides to hear what’s on her mind. He’s obviously intrigued by her and if my memory serves me right, the last girl who impressed Eric was Sookie. She tells him that the reason she wanted to taste his blood was because she deserved to. From that moment forward his disposition towards her is different and that’s because he’s found his next progeny. ERIC MOTEHRFUCKIN’ NORTHMAN IS MAKING ANOTHER VAMPIRE!!! Willa’s turning was interesting to watch because we’ve yet to see Eric actually create a vampire. I don’t believe that this decision was impulsive at all, and if anything the scene from last week with the two of them in the coffin was clear foreshadowing to Willa crossing over. I could be wrong though, and there’s a good chance he feels nothing for this girl at all. She could very well be a pawn and nothing more, which seems to be the case after he releases the bitch within her first moments of being vamped up. I like to think that she means more to him than that, but at the end of the day that bitch could die and I would not give a fuck.

Eric sends Willa back to Burrell hoping to change his mind and stop his persecution of their kind, but his plan fails miserably. Not only does she attack his ass, she only proves that if anything vampires are just monsters. So after Sarah Newlin — who is most likely knocked up — caps the bitch with her gun, it doesn’t take long before the decision to send her to camp is made final. Girl bye!

Meanwhile, Tara and Pam are looking for a safe haven until the motherfuckin’ feds show up. Pam gets blasted and Tara can only watch her maker get hauled off to vampire prison. It looks like Bill’s visions are slowly starting to come true. With Pam and Nora locked away, Eric and Tara will be forced to try and save them, only securing their spots in the prison as well. That’s my prediction.


Team Stackhouse

During the first five minutes of this episode it’s revealed that Ben is not only a fairy but a fucking vampire as well. He gives Jason his blood while Sookie calls the ambulance, and moments later Jason’s back to his old self. Grandpa Niall returns from his battle with Nora, after zapping her ass straight to the v-feds. When Sookie goes to clean up Jason’s blood she uses her light to determine if the blood reacted in the same way as the blood Niall found at Club Fae. She catches on much quicker to Ben’s schemes than I thought she would so Sookie gets major props.

After having an extremely gay dream about Ben and inquiring to Niall about the effects of fairy blood, the two realize that Warlow has been closer than they think. They eventually track Benlow to his hotel room and all I can think is WHY DOES IT LOOK LIKE A BOMB JUST WENT OFF ON NIALL’S HEAD? I MEAN, GET YOU A COMB OR SOME HAIR GREASE, BRO.

They try to roll up on Benlow like he’s a little bitch, but instead he ends up blasting Niall and glamoring Jason. It was infuriating to see Niall so helpless and the tears falling down Jason’s face didn’t help. On the bright side, Benlow DOES spare Jason, so maybe this fool isn’t the Big Bad I thought he’d be. As he starts to drain Niall, it seems he is more concerned with building a reserve of fairy blood instead of going Russell Edgington on him. Benlow takes Niall to the bridge where Sookie’s parents were killed and opens a portal to god knows where. We find out that he was in fact turned when he was a fae and the light in him allowed him to spare Niall. After tossing Niall into the portal, all obstacles between him and Sookie have been eliminated, setting up their showdown.

Back at Sookies, she’s prepared a meal to die for and has put on the sluttiest attire she could find. She’s more focused than ever and has a plan, which is shown when injects the food with Colloidal Silver. That should make his insides feel real spicy. After some bullshitting and some flirting, Sookie moves the action to her living room with Etta James as her backup. Things get real sexy and right when I’m thinking “well, this bitch has lost her damn mind too”, she ignites her fire ball and we end with these last words: “Get the fuck off me or die, Warlow”.

This episode gets an A+