True Blood S6.E02 [Human Blood Fountains Are Fucked Up]

True Blood S6.E02 [Human Blood Fountains Are Fucked Up]


This week’s episode of True Blood, titled “The Sun”, starts on the bridge where Sookie’s parents were murdered. A portal begins to open and out comes motherfucking Warlow. He looks like the goddamn Undertaker and if I was Sookie I would just kill myself if this guy was after me. He’s the definition of sinister and I’m glad the show is bringing the creepiness back.


Team Stackhouse

The super sketchy old guy that picked Jason up for a ride turns out to be his fairy grandpa, Niall. He drops some info on Warlow, like how he’s thousands of years old: making him a candidate for oldest vamp alive. Jason seems to be completely stoked to meet his long-lost relative, and seeing Grandpa Niall hang around the Stackhouse headquarters is reminiscent of when Gran was around.

After getting an angry wakeup call from Arlene, Sookie heads to work only to find a mysterious dude lying in pain near her house. It seems a little convenient that he pops up right after Warlows arrival so until I have more back story on this guy, he’s on team shady. It’s not long before the fae in him is revealed, and the sparks between him and Sookie literally fly out. My initial theory is that this is Warlow in some kind of daytime disguise. I know he is a vampire, but since he has ties with the fae, it’s possible he has picked up some of their illusion powers during his tenure as a vamp. I’m not convinced that he doesn’t have other powers beyond his mist manifestation.

After patching Ben up, Sookie lets him know about the cloaked safe haven for fairies. The two decide to head that way but Sookie realizes she’s being a dumbass and deuces out. Sorry, Ben, maybe next episode playa!

When she finally arrives home she learns of Nialls arrival and much more: like how he is the King of their fairy tribe, thus making Sookie a fairy fucking princess. WHAT THE FUCK!!!! I’m not going to lie that’s kind of cool so I can dig it. Jason, unfortunately, won’t be digging shit because before he could get too excited, Niall brings up the fact that the gene skipped him. He also discloses to Sookie information surrounding a secret fae power that she never knew she possessed. I’m not sure what the name of this power is so we’ll just call it a Firebomb. This gives her the ability to unleash a massive supernova attack, killing any vampire it touches. The problem is that since Sookie is only 1/4 fae, she can only use this power once because after she will be fae no longer. He also taught her how to “harness” her light, so I’m guessing this is a way for her to recharge herself? I’m not exactly sure, but it’ll be interesting to see how she uses this special power this season, if she uses it at all.



It seems that if you fuck with Eric’s granddaughter he will bring war right to your front door. After arriving to Fangtasia and finding a wounded Tara has been shot with a silver bullet that emits UV radiation, the old Eric we all know and love has finally returned. He decides it’s time to start fighting back if this is what the humans want, and goes straight into the lion’s den when he goes on an undercover mission to the Governor’s mansion. His geeky attire was one of the highlights of the episode, and I remembering why Eric was one of my favorite characters in the earlier seasons. He’s an anti-hero and as we find out later in the episode, he’s not afraid to cross lines if it will get him closer to his goal. It’s important to note that during his confrontation with Governor Burrell, Eric attempts to glamour the son of a bitch only to find out they have created glamour proof contact lenses. These idiots, however, didn’t do a damn thing to prevent vamps from flying. So, one step forward and two steps back for the humans.

Eric pay’s a visit to the Governors daughter, Willa, who has conveniently removed her contact lenses not moments before. Eric glamour’s her and she’s as good as dead. I wonder if Eric plans on killing her, or possibly turning her. I think if he did turn her, it would be a line that I’m not sure even he should cross, but the more baby vamps the better.


Billith & Jessica

Jessica awakens to the sound of Bill screaming like a fucking maniac. She runs downstairs to find her maker with bloody eyes and in dire need of some weed. He’s completely freaking out about visions of vampires being wronged, and the fact that he cannot save them is a super big deal apparently. What this does is introduce us to another one of Bills new powers: the ability to see the future. He eventually loses his mind completely and visits the lamest place of all time: nowhere. He finds Lillith after being escorted by her three vampire groupies, and she drops some information regarding what he is. Or better yet, what he is not. Apparently, neither Bill nor Lillith are God, but merely creations of God. She discloses that there is only one God, and she was made by him just like Adam & Eve. She then goes on a rant about how Bill must complete her work and I’m not sure what that means but I’m sure we’ll find out.

In an attempt to save her maker, Jessica orders a fang banger, Veronica, for Bill to drink from, hoping this will bring him back to reality. Needless to say, this doesn’t go too well. Bill’s new power of telekinesis is in full effect at this point because without moving an inch he forces Veronica’s body to contort and moonwalk back to him in ways I’ve never seen before. Her body is completely getting owned as her bones break and twist setting her up as a personal blood fountain for Billith. The look on his face as the bloods flows into his mouth is classic and fucking horrifying at the same time. Jessica drops to the floor in terror, and if I was her I would be on the first plane to the Bahamas. I don’t care who my maker is, but the moment someone’s body starts contorting I’m out of there.




After burying the body, Jessica returns to confess her sins. She questions whether Bill is God, but she takes the time to not only atone or her sins, but for those in her life she cares about as well, even Hoyt. These are my favorite kind of moments from True Blood, when we get montages of the characters we’ve grown to love and hate for the last 6 years. It allows us to take the time to reflect on the things they’ve been through and reinforces the fact that at the end of the day, it’s these characters we tune in for every week. I think Jessica has become the moral center of the show now and her prayer showed that she may be the most self-aware character of the bunch.

In the final moments, Bill has one final vision: every vampire (including Eric, Tara, Pam and Jessica) burning like sweet barbecue.

Episode rating: 9/10 for answering questions and moving the plot forward. Also major props go to Jessica’s character for keeping the show grounded in a way it hasn’t been since the earlier seasons.

Other shit

  • Sam is approached by some girl named Nicole who wants him to speak up for Shifters and I’m already bored with this storyline.
  • Alcide and his pack of bitches really need to go. Emma is now with Grandma again, but it will only be a matter of time before she lets her get abducted again.
  • Arlene and Terry are still getting a storyline? WHAT THE FUCK! NO!
  • Andy is close to having a nervous breakdown and it’s hilarious.