Game of Thrones S3.E10 [Dick in a Box]

Game of Thrones S3.E10 [Dick in a Box]


This finale of Game of Thrones was a solid closer to an epic season. Like typical GOT fashion, we were given time to recuperate after the events of the Red Wedding. The penultimate episode is usually where shit goes down, while the finale picks up the pieces and prepares us for future storylines. This episode was no different.

We begin moments after the massacre where all hell has once again broken loose. While in the protection of The Hound, Arya bears witness to something no one ever should: her older brothers decapitated body with his dead wolf’s head attached to his lifeless corpse. Life really isn’t fair for not only the Starks, but for Arya specifically. She now has to accept the loss of everything she once held dear, using her anger as a catalyst to seek vengeance whenever and wherever she can. In the moment she casually walked up to the circle-jerk of shit-talkers I knew she was out for blood –and it didn’t take long before the knife in her hand became acquainted with the arteries in her targets neck. The Hound goes beast mode and finishes off the other chumps, and it looks as if we have a new dynamic duo.

In King’s Landing, Tyrion and Sansa are attempting to make the best of their arrangement. Sansa has learned to actively converse with Tyrion without having a look of disgust upon her face, but Tyrion is still stuck between a rock and a hard place: his feelings for Shae and his duty as Sansa’s husband conflict with each other. Shae is pretty lucky to still be alive, because if word of her affair with Tyrion reached Cersei or Tywin she’s as good as dead. Like, crossbow bolts in the tits dead. To avoid this, he sends lord Varys to convince Shae that the life she dreams of having with Tyrion can never be. He even hands her a bag of diamonds as a bribe but she still turns it down. Clearly she’s out of her goddamn mind. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS BITCH THINKING!!?11????

During the meeting of the small council, Joffrey is ecstatic at the news of Robbs demise. He even makes plans to serve his head to Sansa. Tyrion steps up once again — because he’s the only Lannister with morals — and tells Jofferey to calm his shit down because Kings are dropping like flies these days. He also stresses how fucked up the Red Wedding was and understands there will be major ramifications because of that. With intentions to end one war, Tywin may have inadvertently started another. We also see Tywin show some emotion when he tells Tyrion how he initially wanted to drown him after his birth, but didn’t because he is a Lannister. I’m not sure what to think of this. Does this mean that he does have love for Tyrion to some extent? Or is he more concerned with his families reputation? It seems having an imp in the family can’t tarnish your image as much as murdering that imp in cold blood, so he let Tyrion live and thrive as a Lannister. Tywin, you can die anytime now. In fact, you and Joffrey should die in the same episode. That would be really tight.

House Greyjoy has received an extremely rude awakening from Roose Bolton’s son, Ramsay, in the form of Theon’s recently removed cock. For Balon Greyjoy the decision is easy: let Theon die.  But for Yara, the choice was just as easy and I now have a new favorite character. Her tenacity, bravery and confidence she displayed when she decided to rescue Theon was inspiring. This storyline is one that I’m most excited to see unfold next season. She’s gathered 50 of the best killers she could find and the fastest ship in her fleet, so I hope Ramsay likes getting his shit pushed in because he’s about to get fucked.

The episode’s final moments take place in the recently liberated Yunkai. Outside the entrance to the city, Daenerys and her Queens Guard await to find out if the freed slaves will have her as their Queen. My favorite thing about Daenerys is that she doesn’t care about ruling for the sake of power. She cares about the well-being of the people she leads, and empowers them to make choices based on their own free will and this is why so many have placed their faith in her. She does not demand respect, she earns it. This is a different Daenerys than the one we knew during her days in Qarth, where all she ever fucking said was: “WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS!”. When the doors to Yunkai finally open, the freed slaves emerge from the shadows of their chained past and Daenerys takes her place among them as their “Mhysa” and savior. She commands her trio of dragons to fly as a symbol of her victory, bringing an end to this phenomenal and tragic season.

 Other shit

  •  Bran and the Reeds cross paths with Samwell and acquired some Dragonglass to fuck up some White Walkers
  •  Davos released Gendry
  •  Walder Frey is Lord of Riverrun
  • Roose Bolton is now Warden of the North