Game of Thrones S3.E09 [Red, Red Wine]

Game of Thrones S3.E09 [Red, Red Wine]

This episode begins with Robb and Catelyn planning their attack on Casterly Rock, in attempt to weaken Tywin Lannister’s power in Westeros. This time, Robb seeks his mother’s adivce instead of rejecting it; and this union between the two is the first time they’ve been on the same page in a while. This is the situation they are in and they must see it through. Robb needs Walder Frey’s army, but his deception in marrying Talisa means he will have to do a certain amount of ass kissing.

After arriving at the Twins and accepting Freys disgusting offering of what must be pork rinds and rice? I usually don’t consume dog food, so I would have respectfully declined the offering but in Westeros if someone offers you some food you fucking eat it. When the time for Robb to make his apology approaches, Frey stops him in his tracks and tells him to direct his apologies towards his daughters that he wronged. And then a horde of them appear and I feel like I’m watching a horror movie. Some are more attractive than others, but that’s not saying much. When Frey notices that Talisa has come as well, he places the spotlight on her physical appearance compared to his daughters, and calls bullshit on Robbs claims of love. He points out that he can “always tell what’s going on beneath a dress” and I assume this relates to Talisa’s pregnancy. After Frey is done being a cunt, he says that the wedding can finally begin and the wine will flow red; setting up what is in my opinion the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen on television.

Back in Yunkai, Daenerys is planning to take the city. Daario suggests a plan of attack but Sir Jorrah doesn’t trust this fool quite yet. It’s Grey Worm that ends up being the deal breaker, and he takes a risk by putting his faith in Daario. The scene with the three of them fighting in sync was perfect, and Grey Worm proved why he’s the leader of the Unsullied. The way he fought with his staff and shield was so precise and impactful. Daario also has some mad skills when it comes to fucking people up so he gets props as well. Another reason he could be a great King for Daenerys. If love at first sight did exist, I’m calling it between these two. For sir Jorrah, on the other hand, this fucking blows. He’s not the main dude in her life anymore and that’s making him very salty. In the moment when he revelaed they were succesful in their siege, his heart sank when all she cared about was the well-being of Daario. On the plus side, she has a city now! This victory feels very different than the freeing of Astapor. I’m hoping she uses her newly aquired territory in Yunkai to her advantage instead of moving on so quickly to the next one. Maybe set up a base or something. Or even spend some quality time with your Dragons. King’s Landing isn’t going anywhere, so take your time and plan your next move carefully.

Bran’s storyline is getting extremely trippy. He’s learning to use his powers in ways he didn’t know were possible. As a storm approaches, Hodor becomes increasingly on edge and decides to be really fucking loud. The arrival of the Wildlings only fuels the fire and it looks as if they are all pretty much fucked. NOPE! Brann does some Professor Xavier shit and put’s Hodor to sleep like a goddamn baby. This episode really does a good job of showing how being a warg can come in handy, even in death (warging into an animal moments before you die). After Jon is revealed to still be a crow, a fight ensues and Bran wargs into his wolf and wreck’s shop. He sees Jon during this experience, but has no way of communicating with him but helps him the best he can. After the storm has passed, Bran decides it’s best to part ways with Rickon and Osha to insure his brothers safety.

Near the end of the wedding, Walder Frey decides it’s time for the Bedding Ceremony. From what I can tell, this ceremony includes the bride and groom getting sexually molested by dozens of strangers? Interesting. After the ceremony, a suspicious dude decides to close the doors to the room which takes Catelyn by surprise. She’s very observant and immediately has a weary look on her face from that moment forward. Almost as if the tears are waiting to fall. Then the music suddenly changes into a gloomy, sinister tune: “The Rains of Castemere”, the Lannister anthem that Cersei reminded Margaery of. The music stops and Frey gives a speech about owing his new queen a wedding gift. Catelyn has already caught on to what’s happening, and when she sees the chainmail that Roose Bolton is wearing, she goes into badass mode and slaps the shit out of him. The wedding gift that Frey was referring to ended up being multiple stab wounds to a pregnant Talisa’s abdomen. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! Robb’s reactions in my opinion are somewhat off and I think he’s just trying to process the sheer ass-fuckery that’s happening to him during that moment. This is betrayal at its finest, and it’s a hard thing to watch these characters meet their end this way. Crossbow bolt’s fly out and robb takes multiple to his body as well as Catelyn. In a desperate attempt to save her sons life, she takes Frey’s wife hostage and holds a knife to her throat proving she is not fucking around. It’s all for nothing, though, because Frey doesn’t give a fuck about his wife or the Starks, and with one final blow from Roose Bolton, Robb Stark is no more. The agony on Catelyn’s face as she watches her first born son die a cold death will be an image I will never forget. The final shot of Catelyn at her wits end was heartbreaking, and then out of nowhere her own throat is slashed. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Game of Thrones has royally fucked all of us and life no longer makes sense.

This was in my opinion, the best episode of Game of Thrones to date. I haven’t been this affected by this show since Ned’s death in season one, but this is on a level that words can’t describe. With the Starks no longer a major threat, this means Daenerys journey will be that much more important in the future. In regards to Arya, I believe that she will be the Stark to avenge her family and I can’t wait for the Lannisters to get what’s coming to them. If they ever do.