Game of Thrones S3.E04 [And Now His Watch Is Ended]

Game of Thrones S3.E04 [And Now His Watch Is Ended]


Last week’s episode of Game of Thrones ended with Jaime Lannister getting his hand chopped off. In this episode we see the aftermath and what losing that hand meant to Jaime. Daenerys begins to grow as a conqueror with her newly acquired army, the Unsullied, and pyrotechnics provided by her alpha dragon, Drogon. In King’s Landing, Lord Varys gets real creepy on us and reveals a major part of his past. He compares wits with Olenna Tyrell’s sassy ass; and the two make an acerbic connection from the beginning. Margaery continues to manipulate Joffrey and it’s starting to make me uncomfortable in a good way.

Varys & Tyrion

Tyrion pays a visit to Lord Varys, inquiring about his sisters possible assassination attempt on his life during Blackwater. Varys assures him that in due time the revenge he wants will be his, but not before explicating the circumstances regarding his infamous cutting. As a young boy he ran across a Sorcerer who was into super freaky shit. For Lord Varys, being patient has led him to receive the mysterious cargo in his room. What lies inside is non other than the Sorcerer from his past. I wonder what kind of trippy shit Varys has planned. Rape is off the table for obvious reasons.

Joffrey and Margaery

Joffrey is being a little prick as usual, boasting around dead Targaryens. This kid is a joke, and it’s enthralling to watch Margaery make him her bitch. Cersei’s suspicions of the Tyrell’s and their motivations grow further after talking to Olenna and seeing Margaery’s control over Joffrey during a public appearance. Something about the scene didn’t feel right, as if Margaery knew something we didn’t. Unfortunately, Joffrey is still alive so we all lose.

Brienne and Jaime

Jaime is taking emo to a new level, while Brienne is the one to bring him back down to earth. She gives him a reality check and tells him to quit being a little bitch. She also reminds him that there is good in him, and that he must use vengeance as his fuel to survive. I like the relationship between these two because Brienne does the one thing I never thought possible; she brings out the good in Jaime Lannister.

Varys and Olenna

Arguably the two wittiest characters on the show, Olenna Tyrell and Lord Varys make the perfect match for great conversation. It seems Vary’s has great insight into what kind of man Littlefinger really is, and proposes a possible solution to saving Sansa from his grasp. The next scene shows Margarey trying to convince Sansa to marry her brother, Loras, so that Sansa and her can be sisters. This could be Sansa’s golden ticket to get the fuck out of Kings Landing and into the Tyrell’s stronghold, Highgarden.


Dany and her growing posse arrive to make the trade that would solidify her as commander of the army she seeks at the cost of her strongest dragon, Drogon. Like a true boss, she reveals at the most opportune time that she speaks Valyrian. MOTHERUCKER DID YOU FORGET? SHE IS THE BLOOD OF THE DRAGON BITCH!! She commands the Unsullied to murder all slave masters, but leave no child harmed. She then turns to Drogon and says “Dracarys!“, and he sets the whole damn place on fire. Or maybe just a few people, either way I love that dragon.

In the final moments, she attempts to release those Unsullied who no longer want to serve a slaves, and they choose to fight for her as free men. Basically, this means everyone else should hide your kids, hide your wives, cause shit’s about to get real crispy in Westeros.

This other shit happened too
– Theon is back where he started. Nice. Die please.
– Bran had a cryptically dark dream involving his mother, and I hope that doesn’t mean she will be the next Stark to fall.
– Tywin puts Cersei in check by telling her she’s not as smart as she thinks she is, and that’s why he doesn’t trust her. She thinks the Tyrell’s are a problem but he views them as saviors; and is privy to the idea of Joffrey being manipulated as long as it serves the greater good.
– The Nights Watch is completely fucked. Lord Jeor Mormont is dead, his brother is dead, and everybody is damn near dead. Samwell and his babies momma are on the run so we’ll see how far they make it.
– Arya and the Brotherhood are really boring, but we’re introduced to Beric Dondarrion, the one eyed leader of this crew. It seems that him and the Hound will be fighting to the death next episode.